The Gospel of Jesus Gal 1:6-12

Galatians 1:6-12 The Gospel of Jesus CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

In Galatians 1:6-12, when Paul writes about the gospel, he is speaking specifically about the gospel that was:

Revealed by Jesus Christ (Gal 1:12) – notice the difference between the gospel following the ascension of Jesus Christ and the preaching of Jesus Christ during his earthly ministry.  In Matt 19:16-17, Jesus told the rich ruler to keep the commandments.  But in Acts 16:30-31, Paul and Silas told the Philippian jailer to believe on the Lord Jesus Christ.  The gospel is found in 1 Cor 15:1-4, and it is simply the death, burial and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ.  This gospel was revealed to Paul by Jesus 1 Cor 15:1-4, Eph 3:3-6.  It was not revealed by man (Gal 1:12).  Some men who have made u[ their own version of the gospel are:

  • Chas Taze Russell – Jehovah’s Witnesses
  • Alex Campbell, Origen – Church of Christ
  • Joseph Smith – Mormon
  • Ellen G. White – 7th Day Adventist – out of the Millerite movement
  • Mary Baker Eddy – Christian Science

Preached by Paul (Gal 1:8) – this is the gospel that Paul preached as well as others like Peter and Apollos (1 Cor 1:12).  But there were some who trying to put the Galatians back under law [Acts 15].  Paul said that we are not to follow another gospel even if it is preached by an angel from heaven [notice there will be an angel preaching the “everlasting” gospel during the Tribulation (Rev 14:6-7)].  Salvation in our gospel is free [Eph 2:8-9] through the shed blood of Jesus Christ on Calvary [Col 1:14].

Received by the Galatians (Gal 1:9) – according to Acts 18:23, there were disciples in Galatia.  And according to Gal 1:2, there were churches there.

Now following their salvation, there were some men who came in preaching another gospel. They perverted the Gospel of Christ.  This perverted gospel is:

Gospel Obstructing (Gal 1:6) – it causes those who follow it to be Removed from him that called you.  The goal of the gospel is to conform us to Christ [Rom 8:29].  A perverted gospel will conform you to man [Titus 1:10-14].

Saint Troubling (Gal 1:7) – Paul spoke of “Some that trouble you.”  They put the Galatians back under a yoke.  They did this by putting them back under the law and trying to make them Jews [Acts 15:9-11; Gal 5:4; Gal 2:11-14].

Preacher Cursing (Gal 1:8-9) – Paul said of anyone preaching a perverted gospel, “Let him be accursed.”  They cannot escape the damnation of hell [Matt 23:15, 33].  Addressing preachers, Jesus said, “depart from me, ye that work iniquity,” [Matt 7:21-23].

Men Pleasing (Gal 1:10) – a preacher whose objective is to please men is not the servant of Christ.  We not to be menpleasers [Eph 6:6].  We are not to love the praise of men [Jn 12:43].  You cannot receive honor from God while seeking honor from men [Jn 5:41-45].  When you start seeking approval from men, you are washed out!