David Trusted the Lord, 1 Sam 26:1-25

1 Sam 26:1-25 David Trusted the Lord CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

It’s one thing for a man to say that he trusts in the Lord.  But it is a totally different thing to actually trust him.  David trusted the Lord, which is evident by a number of things we find in this passage.  David’s trust in the Lord gave him:

Restraint – v.8-9 – David did not have to destroy Saul in order for him to stay alive or to obtain the kingdom – he trusted the Lord to take care of him – and the Lord will take care of you – the corporate philosophy is to climb the corporate ladder, but that involves stepping on others to get ahead – trust the Lord instead and rather than step on them, push them up and fill the places they vacate as they move up.  And don’t avenge yourself if someone crosses you.  The Lord will deal with you and with them in due time.

Patience – v.10 – David obviously didn’t want to keep running for his life while this demon possessed king was trying to kill him.  However, if he was going to let God deal with him instead of killing him himself, then he was going to have to wait.  And by trusting the Lord, David was able to patiently wait.  The Lord’s timing is critical.  Learn to trust the Lord and wait on him.

Protection – v.12-16 – with three thousand men and a country obligated to help its king by reporting David’s whereabouts, Saul could have easily killed David.  But the Lord wouldn’t let him.  And if you will trust the Lord, your enemies will not be able to destroy you either.

Favor – v.17-21 – Saul backed off his plan and favored David in spite of the fact that he wanted to kill him – when a man’s ways please the Lord, he maketh even his enemies to be at peace with him.

Good Judgment – v.22-25 – David knew that he had done the right thing and that the Lord would judge him accordingly – when you trust the Lord he will help you make the decisions that will give you the best result at your judgment before him.