Pastor Rick Sowell – How To Take Care of Your Pastor

Pastor Rick Sowell preached on some things you can do for your pastor from Romans 10:13-15.

Pray daily for him. Pray specifically for him and his family. Pray for problems that you know he faces. Pray for his health, his wisdom, his spiritual strength, his grace, his compassion, and his ability to minister to the members of the flock.

Practice what he preaches. Respect him. Even if you don’t agree, see if God will bear witness to the validity of what he has preached. If God said it and the word of God bears witness to it, do it.

Provide for him. Pay him what he’s worth. If he is already well compensated, just do something nice for him.

Propagate his helpful teachings. Other people should benefit from the things he preaches, as well. Sometimes he gives you something you’ll need to help someone else you know. You can even pray that the Lord will lead you to someone who needs what your pastor has taught you.

Protect him and his family. He has a wife and children. Look out for them and don’t hurt them. It’s hard being a preacher’s kid. Don’t hold them to a higher standard. Protect their time and their reputation. Deacons, you are the pastor’s mighty men like David’s mighty men. When people attack your pastor, he cannot defend himself, because no matter how he answers an accusation he will always be considered wrong. Deacons, you can shield your pastor from these attacks.

Promote his vision. God may tell him where to take this church before he tells you. Be willing to support that vision. Be willing to follow.

Pardon his goofs. Sometimes, because your pastor is human just like the rest of us, he flubs it.  He’s following God; so, follow him and forgive his mistakes.

Conclusion: when you look around and see empty seats in your auditorium, remember that God gave you the vision to build this building. There are people for every chair in this auditorium. Do your part to make sure the person that God intends to be in that chair gets here. Tell others about the Lord Jesus Christ and about the good things God is doing in your church. And thank God for a pastor who believes the Bible, follows God, and loves you.