Yesterday at the Port

Yesterday at the Port


Each week you get to hear a report on the Port Ministry of our church. We started this ministry back in February of 2013. We have been given access to the ships that sail the all the seas of the world, and the men of many nations. We have a ministry where the world comes to us! Over the years God has grown this ministry and allowed thousands of Bibles and hundreds of men to be saved! Over the years God has allowed over a dozen of men in this church to participate. I went to the port solo yesterday and had a super day. God has put on my heart to share some of what I have learned. I pray that you are blessed also.

The Journal of Yesterday             [Ps.18:30]

  • First Ship – Ukrainian  sold Phone cards – Provides a Good Testimony for other laborers
  • Lunch – Real bad deal – God’s Timing  placed me at the right place at the right time.        
  • Second Ship – Bosun “Ronie” got saved – God’s Truth did all the work
  • Third Ship – One Bible to One Filipino  – Great Temperance    [Isa.55:8-11]
  • [Matt.9:38] It’s His harvest! And His way is perfect!
  • This knowledge and wisdom has been a journey, a long journey.

The Journey to Yesterday            [2 Kings 6:8-17]

  • Began with Fear!   Verses 15-16   Fear kept me out of the harvest!
  • Psalm 86:15  But thou, O Lord, art a God full of compassion, and gracious, longsuffering, and plenteous in mercy and truth.
  • God began long ago to slowly open my eyes to see and learn
  • Started learning Bible
  • Dispersing Gospel Tracts – first by hiding them so they would be found by others
  • Parade! In public! Scared to death!
  • Rock of Ages Prison Ministry – Soul Winners New Testament, and desire to win a soul
  • God has opened my eyes to Know [Prov.16:1] is True!
  • God will set you up wherever you are at, He works not only on ships at the port!

The Joy of Yesterday      [Jn.15:11]

  • God let his fearful servant see his power!
  • God did it in a way that I surely know that He did it!
  • God loves me enough to let me be part of it
  • God wants you also!