Salvation Series : Lesson #3 Spiritual Circumcision

Salvation Series : Lesson #3

Spiritual Circumcision (Colossians

In the study we are
going to be studying the subject of Spiritual Circumcision. This is one of the
most important doctrines of Salvation. It not only shows us eternal security
but it explains why we can sin after salvation and not lose our salvation.

In the passage for
this study we see that there is a circumcision mentioned that is connected
directly with Salvation. When we see the word circumcision we think about the
physical circumcision that God gave Abraham in the Old Testament. But there are
some things in this passage that clearly show us that this circumcision is not
a physical circumcision but a spiritual one instead. Let us look at these

1)  Circumcision made without hands (verse 11)

  • This is definitely not the physical circumcision.

2)  Putting off the body of the sins of the flesh
(verse 11)

  • Physical circumcision did not put off the body of the sins of the

3)  Operation of God (verse 12)

  • Man performed physical circumcision.

4)  Dead in your sins and the uncircumcision of
your flesh (verse 13)

  • There are many people who are physically circumcised when they are
    saved yet this passage makes it seem like they were not.

What is Spiritual Circumcision?

In the second lesson
of this series we saw that man is a body, soul, and a spirit. When we studied
the soul we saw that it is the real us and has a bodily shape that is within
our fleshly bodies. This is the part of us that goes to heaven or hell
depending upon whether you are saved or lost.

Before salvation the
soul is stuck to the flesh. Note in Leviticus
it is the soul that touches the unclean thing. The soul before
salvation is stuck to the flesh therefore when the flesh touches something
unclean it is unclean. There is no separation between the two. This is why verse
13 says that you are dead in your sins that the uncircumcision of your

When a person
receives salvation in the church age God performs a spiritual operation on them
(verse 12).  This operation separates
between the body and the soul. This is why verse 11 says, “putting off
the body of the sins of the flesh”.  The
soul is now loose from the flesh but still on the inside of man. This is also
why we are said to be a new creature in Christ Jesus (2 Corinthians 5:17).

How is this connected with Eternal Security?

Along with this
process the word of God says that we are sealed by the Holy Spirit when we are
saved as well in the church age (Ephesians
; Ephesians 4:30).
When God separates the body from the Soul during spiritual circumcision he also
seals the souls until the rapture of the church.

So we are eternally
secured because our soul is sealed. And when we sin after we are saved it is
the flesh that sins and it does not touch the soul as in the Old Testament because
the soul is sealed until the day of redemption. This process of spiritual circumcision
then explains why we can sin after salvation and not lose salvation. As Paul
wrote many time this is not a license to sin as we will be chasten of God for
sin in our lives but it does show how we can remain sons of God when we still

Our next study in
this series will be on Baptism of the Holy Ghost. This process is also
connected with spiritual circumcision note in verse 12 it says, “buried
with him in baptism, wherein also ye are risen with him through the faith of
the operation of God”.

There are a lot of
things that take place when you get saved and they are important to understand.
As we have seen spiritual circumcision is the key to understanding eternal

Salvation Series : Lesson #3 (Handout)

Spiritual Circumcision (Colossians

1)  What are some of the things in the passage
that show us that this is a spiritual process and not physical circumcision?

2)  What is spiritual circumcision?

3)  What does spiritual circumcision do for us in
a doctrinal sense?

4)  What other event is spiritual circumcision
connected with?