Things We Need After We Get Saved : Lesson #2 Temperance and Patience

Things we need
after we get Saved (2 Peter 1:5-10)

Lesson #2 : Temperance and Patience

the previous lesson we dealt with the first two things that we are to build
upon our salvation. The first thing was Virtue which is moral excellence and
knowing right and wrong. To this we are to add knowledge. Knowledge is a great
thing but as we saw in the previous lesson it can be dangerous. The key is
learning knowledge in the fear of the Lord and if we already have Virtue then
we will do right with the knowledge that we learn instead of doing wrong with

this lesson we are told to add to knowledge Temperance and to Temperance we are
to add Patience. As we will see in this lesson these things are related and one
is needed for the other.

Temperance :

is defined in the Dictionary of American Language by Noah Webster as moderation
in regards to indulgence of natural appetites and passions. Also it is defined
as Patience and calmness. To me another good word for explaining temperance
would be self control. And as we can see from society today from toddlers to
adults this is not something that a whole lot of people have any more even
among saved people.

Who is told to be temperate? 

1)  The aged men (Titus 2:2)

  • Here we see a passage on what the aged men in
    the church and the aged women in the church are to be so that they can
    teach the younger men and women to be the same. One of the things that the
    aged men are to be is to be temperate.

2)  Bishops (Titus

  • Here we see that being temperate is one of the
    qualifications for a bishop or a pastor.

3)  Saved people serving Jesus Christ (1 Corinthians 9:25)

  • Here the life of a saved person is compared to
    that of an Athlete. Any athlete will have to be temperate and show moderation
    in his lifestyle to compete at whatever sport he has chosen.  
  • Just as an athlete cannot allow certain things
    to be put into his body, a saved person for the sake of the testimony of
    the Lord Jesus Christ will also have to abstain from places, things, and
    people to keep himself in shape for doing the will of God.

the above list we see that any saved person is required by the word of God to
be temperate.

Philippians 4:5 we see that
the word of God says to let our moderation be known unto all men. Therefore we
are not only to be moderate but it should be apparent to other that we have
moderation or temperance. The reason for this is because the Lord is at hand.

are two thoughts that we can see from this. Number one is that the Lord is
always present and that he sees everything we do and hears everything that we
say. Therefore we should be moderate in our speech both the quantity and the
quality. We should be moderate in our dress and appearance this covers both the
issue of modesty and flashy types of dress and styles. We should be modest in
our activities. We should work and enjoy life and keep the proper balance in
both. The reason for this is because the Lord is at Hand. The second thought is
if the Lord is at hand that means he could return for the church at any moment
and by using temperance and moderation we can avoid trouble and not be caught
doing something we should not be when he returns.

Patience :

will not define patience because everyone pretty much knows what it is. Patience
is going to be a principle thing when it comes to serving God. As a saved
person you will not always understand why God does the things that he does or
why he allows things to happen the way that they happen. This is why there are
so many verses in the Psalms that tell us about waiting on the Lord and
trusting in him.

is the thing that everyone wants more of being we do not like what it takes to
get it. According to Romans 5:3
the word of God says that tribulation worketh patience. This is why I think
that we were told to add temperance before patience with having self control a
person will never be able to endure tribulation and without enduring
tribulation you will never get patience.

let us put together the things that we have seen so far in regards to what we
are to build on our faith. Virtue shows us right and wrong so that we can learn
to use the knowledge that we will get for doing good and not bad. If we
maintain the fear of the Lord not only will we have knowledge but it will also
help us to have temperance and self control. Having temperance and self control
will allow us to gain patience even though we suffer through many trials and

we see very simply how these things are necessary and also how that they build
one upon another so the saved person should not be fruitless, blind, or fall
from his course of serving the Lord Jesus Christ faithfully.

Things we need
after we get Saved (2 Peter 1:5-10)

Lesson #2 : Temperance and Patience (Handout)

1)  What does the passage say that we are to add
to knowledge? Give the verse.

2)  Give a definition for temperance.

3)  Who does the word of God tell to be
temperate? Give scripture for each.

4)  Moderation is key in being temperate and
according to Philippians 4:6, what does this verse give as the reason for

5)  What are some of the things that we should
show moderation in?

6)  What are we to add to temperance?

7)  How do we achieve patience? Give a verse.

8)  Show how the first four things given in this
study are work together.