You Need To Be There

You Need To Be There!

Jn.20:19-20 & 24

  • When Jesus came Thomas was not there! (verse 24)
  • Thomas knew to be there (Matt.28:7-10 & 16 – eleven went!)
  • Everyone else was there (Judas was dead, acceptable excuse)
  • Jesus had told them that he would be there
  • When you know that Jesus is going to be somewhere, You Need to Be there!

What did Thomas miss? God had something for him:

He Stood – “in the midst” To Behold – verse 19 (To observe with care, draw attention to)

  • [Matt.18:20] “For where two or three are gathered together in my name there am I in the midst of them”
  • The Lord has something that you need to observe, or He wouldn’t be here tonight! He was on the mission trip! I saw His hand in everything we did!
  • He Allowed us to make improvements to their church and fellowship buildings
  • He Allowed us to test our limits- work, sleep, longsuffering
  • Thomas had a problem with believing because he missed the meeting with Jesus, Verse 20 the others saw the marks, verse 25 they tried to relay it. Something got lost in the translation.
  • Radio and internet great for preaching and teaching, but…….
  • Because of being there and touching the work, we have a deeper understanding and love for the work
  • Jesus will reveal Himself, but you need to be there!

He Saith – “Peace be unto you” To Hear – verse 19 (The Disciples needed peace!)

  • Preaching and teaching of the word of God (Always Very Timely)
  • Pastor preached a re-run; Sunday school was a re-run. Both were as if they were brand new, and just what I needed!
  • Precious hymns sung to the Lord – by-lingual -loud
  • The prayers of a God-fearing Navajo in his own language
  • Prayer request of the church members
  • Sincere thank you from the folks and the missionary
  • You need to be there! God has something for you to hear.

He Shewed – “his hands and his side” To See– verse 20 (Proof of everything He had said)

  • The fruit of our mission dollars in the Navajo Nation
  • The “all in” devotion of Joel Haynes and family
  • The love of Christ shed abroad in their hearts and minds
  • The beauty of God’s Creation -The Chelly Canyon
  •  Anderson’s wife (Marilyn) get saved (to never give up!)
  • Like Thomas, my faith was increased because of what he showed me, but I needed to be there!

He Sent – “even so send I you” To Do – verse 21

  • Closer fellowship with God
  • Closer fellowship with the brethren
  • Make new friendships there
  • Appreciate the blessings I enjoy daily
  • Commit more money and prayer to missions (Pray and Give)
  • Many get a “call” to missions while there – Go!
  • God has something he wants you to do, you need to be there.


When you know Jesus is going to be there, You need to be there!

Jesus shows up for all of these!

Mission trips, Sunday/ Wednesday Services, Special meetings, Bible Conferences, Mission Conferences, Missionary presentations, Other preachers, Monday night Bible Studies, Men’s / ladies fellowships, Showers/ parties/ Teen events, Nursing Homes, Port Ministry, Buc Days parade, and Funerals/ Weddings