The Rod of God, Ex 4:2-4

Tonight we’re going to study some things about the rod of God.  To do this, we must look at quite a few scriptures, before we can make an application to our lives as Christians living in the world.

In Ex 4:2 the Lord asked Moses what was in his hand.  Moses replied that it was a rod.  A rod is really nothing more than an old dead stick.  When Moses cast it on the ground as the Lord commanded him in Ex 4:3, the rod became a serpent.  When he took it back up in Ex 4:4, it became a rod again.  But it was a very different rod at this point.  According to Ex 4:20, it was the rod of God. And in this rod, there was power. 

In Ex 7:10-12, the rod became a serpent again and swallowed up the serpents of the Magicians.  In Ex 7:19, The rod was in Aaron’s hand when the waters of Egypt were turned to blood.  In Ex 8:5, the rod was used when frogs infested the land.  In Ex 8:16, the rod was used when the dust was turned to lice.  In Ex 9:23, the rod was used when the thunder and hail came with fire running along the ground.  In Ex 10:13, the rod was used when the locusts invaded the land.  In Ex 14:16, the rod was used when the waters of the Red Sea were divided and the children of Israel crossed on dry ground.  In Ex 17:9-11, the rod was held up until the Amalekites were defeated.   God accomplished many powerful things in connection with that rod.

Now look at Is 11:1-2 and Ps 110:1-2.  There is another rod of God.  His name is Jesus Christ.  He came down to the earth like Moses cast down the rod.  When he hung on the cross, he became a serpent [Jn 3:14; Ps 22:6; 2 Cor 5:21] like Moses’ rod became a serpent.  And when Jesus rose from the dead, all power was given unto him in heaven and in earth [Matt 28:18] just like supernatural power was associated with Moses’ rod when he took it back up.  

Go back to Ex 7:9-12 and Ex 7:19.  Did you notice that the rod was given to Aaron, and it was also called Aaron’s rod?  Aaron was the high priest of the Lord.  Likewise, you and I are the priests of the Lord [1 Pet 2:5].  As the rod was given to Aaron, so that he could bring the plagues upon Egypt, so Jesus Christ has been given to us [Jn 3:16], so that we can perform the things God commands us to do in the world.  As powerful things occurred at the command of God when the rod was lifted up, so we can accomplish the powerful things God commands us to do when Jesus Christ is lifted up.  

How do we lift up Jesus, the rod of God?

We lift him up by humbling ourselves.  Phil 2:3-11. The power of Jesus Christ that is given to us is not to exalt us, our ministries, or our churches.  He is given to us so that we can do what God commands us to do for the glory of the Lord.  Jesus said, “without me ye can do nothing,” [Jn 15:5].  But also, “with God all things are possible,” [Matt 19:26].

We lift him up by being dead with him.  Phil 3:8-12.  The power of Christ’s resurrection is available only when we know the fellowship of his sufferings and are made conformable unto his death.  We must be crucified with him [Gal 2:20] for him to be able to live his life in us.  When you are dead with him, then you have power over sin [Rom 6:6-12].  The rod was dead, but in Aaron’s hand, it was alive [Heb 9:4, it budded].

Conclusion: for us to fight against Egypt (the world), like Moses and Aaron stood against Pharaoh in Egypt, we must lift up Jesus Christ, the rod of God.  God can give us the victory over this world, when we trust the power of Jesus Christ, the rod of God [1 Jn 5:4].  Moses and Aaron were timid when they first started using the rod of God against Pharaoh.  But as they saw what God was doing to Egypt through those plagues, they became bolder and bolder.  Likewise, as you see God blessing the things he does through Jesus Christ in your life, you will become bolder in your stand against the world.  The world will hate you more and more as we get closer to our departure with Jesus.  Don’t be intimidated by their opposition.  With the rod of God, you have the upper hand.