Saul’s Disobedience, 1 Sam 15:-22-23

1 Sam 15:22-23 Disobedience CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Obedience is the delight of God whereas sacrifice to just appease God so that disobedience can be continued is abomination – it is what is at the root of religion – in Gen 4:3 Cain was more religious than Abel but the reason he sacrificed is that his deeds were evil [1 Jn 3:12] and it is obvious that he wasn’t intending to change his ways since he killed Abel – it is an element of human nature to offer a sacrifice to make up for a transgression even if there is no conviction to stop the transgression in the future – and when the Lord sees this, it makes him sick [Is 1:11-16] – he offered Jesus Christ, so there is no need to sacrifice anything else to him today

Disobedience in this passage is likened to 5 things:

Rebellion – Num 20:8-11 because you have rebelled intentionally against the command

Witchcraft – Ex22:11 because you have entered into an area of authority that is not yours

Stubbornness – because you are determined to keep getting your own way

Idolatry – because you make yourself “god”

Rejection – because you have rejected the word of the Lord