Reproof of Life Prov 6:23, 15:31

Reproof of Life Prov 6:23, 15:31 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

The reproofs of instruction [Prov 6:23] are also called the reproof of life [Prov 15:311].  You need reproof in order to live.  Reproofs are a vital part of life.

From where do reproofs come?  Reproofs come from:

The Holy Spirit – Jn 16:8-11 – before we are saved, he reproves us of sin, righteousness and judgment in order to bring us to Christ.  After we are saved, he reproves us to keep us in righteousness.

The Bible – 2 Tim 3:16, Prov 6:23 – scripture is profitable for doctrine, reproof, correction and instruction in righteousness.  The right doctrine will reprove you [show you where you are out of line with God], correct you so that you can get back in line, and instruct you so that you don’t get out of line in that area again.

The preacher – 2 Tim 4:2-3 – preachers are supposed to reprove you.  Most modern preachers don’t reprove; they know the people don’t want to hear it.  So, they make a little motivational speech, instead.  But a preacher who loves you will reprove you with the word of God [Prov 27:6].

Your parents – Prov 15:5 – children don’t like to be reproved.  But they must be reproved.  And when your parents reprove you, take it; you need it. They love you more than any other humans on earth.  And they know that reproof is good for you.

Wise men – Prov 25:12 – a wise reprover is a jewel.  So, befriend those who will reprove you when you need to be reproved.  They are worth more than gold.

What should you do when you are reproved?  You should listen to reproof with an obedient ear.

Listen to these reprovers with an obedient ear [Prov 15:31] and you will be wise.  Do what they say.  They’re trying to get you to turn into the way of righteousness like wisdom does in Prov 1:22-23.  Don’t be like those who turn a deaf ear to the Lord [Prov 1:25, 30-33].  You can’t reprove a scorner [Prov 9:7-8].  When you refuse reproof, you err [Prov 10:17].

What are the benefits of obeying reproof?  Obeying reproof gives you:

Life – Prov 6:23, 15:31 – Jesus promised that he would give you life abundantly.  You get this abundant life by listening to and obeying reproof.

Instruction – Prov 6:23 – you’ll know what to do the next time you are faced with a similar situation.

Prudence – Prov 15:5 – prudence is the ability to make good judgments.  It is circumspection, the ability to look at a decision from all angles.  You weigh the “downside” at least as much as you weigh the “upside.”  You consider all circumstances and possible consequences before you decide.

Understanding – Prov 15:32 – you get the understanding without having to go through the school of hard-knocks.  You let others take the knocks and learn from them.

Wisdom – Prov 29:15 – after living under reproof, you have the wisdom to be a wise reprover for others.

Conclusion: don’t bow up, justify yourself, or fight against a wise reprover.  Listen to what he or she says and then obey.  You’ll be much happier in the end.