Asa’s Rewardable Work 2 Chr 15:1-15

Asa’s Rewardable Work 2 Chr. 15: 1-15 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Asa’s life changed when he responded to the prophecy of Azariah in 2 Chr 15:1-15.  Today, your life can change the same way.  You can do the rewardable work that Asa did if you will make the changes that he made.

First, get saved – 2 Chr 15:1-6 – if ye seek the Lord, he will be found of you; but if ye forsake him, he will forsake you.  The condition of Israel in Asa’a day is the condition of the world today… there was no peace.  But when you get saved, you have the peace of God within you.  You can’t do rewardable work for the Lord until after you are saved.

After you get saved then do rewardable work – 2 Chr 15:7 – you’ll need to be strong, not weak, and your work will be rewarded.  Your rewardable work is to:

Get rid of your idols – 2 Chr 15:8 – the Ephesians burned their books [Acts 19:17-20].  You have to get rid of the stuff in your life that comes between you and the Lord and you must magnify the Lord above the all other things in your heart.  Here are some typical idols that you may have to deal with: your reputation, your career, your family (particularly your children), your hobbies, your entertainment, your ambitions, etc.

Set up an altar – 2 Chr 15:8 – we’re not talking about an idolatrous home altar like you see in the houses of some religious people.  You need a place in your home where you daily worship the Lord, pray and read his words.  You should live at home what you profess at church.

Establish a testimony and a witness – 2 Chr 15:9-10 – others should see and hear about the change in your life.  You can gather others to the Lord.  Right now, the best “outreach” plan for our church is for you to be a consistent testimony and witness for the Lord in your home, your neighborhood, your work place, and among your extended family. 

Give of your possessions – 2 Chr 15:11 – give to the Lord so that he can further his work in our church and on the mission fields around the world.  With the radio, internet, nursing home and Port ministries, people are being saved and helped regularly.  Missionaries are gathering people to the Lord all over the world.

Make a commitment (life or death) – 2 Chr 15:12-14 – this is the difference in the Christian life after salvation between those who just coast through life and those who really grow.  They make a commitment to serve the Lord with all their heart and all their soul.  They’d rather die than break that commitment.  Paul died daily.  He said, “For to me to live is Christ and to die is gain.”  He was all in.

Begin to reap the rewards even now – 2 Chr 15:15 – the Jews didn’t have to wait long to begin to reap some of their rewards.  They had joy and rest.  You can have joy and rest when you do this rewardable work.  And you will reap durable riches hereafter [Prov 8:17-21].

Conclusion: If you aren’t saved, then you can trust Jesus right now and be saved.  If you are saved, then do this rewardable work and make a commitment now to serve the Lord from now on.