The Christian Walk 1 Thes. 4:1-12

1 Thes 4:1-12 Christian Walk CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

The old question is, “Does your walk match your talk?”  And the old saying is, “Your walk talks more than your talk talks!”  This passage addresses your walk and sets some parameters for a good walk.  In essence, if the Lord is the one who is walking in you then these things are going to be manifested because this is the way he walks [my stuffed monkey as a kid had hand and feet straps so that whatever I did with my hands and feet, the monkey did with his] – your Christian walk should be:

A God-pleasing Walk – v.1-2 – Rev 4:11, Heb 11:5 – not yourself 2 Tim 3:4; not others over God Gal 1:10 – and notice that he communicated this to them three ways – he beseeched them = ask urgently and fervently – he exhorted them = strongly encourage or urge – he commanded them by the Lord v.2 = give an authoritative order

A Sanctified Walk – v.3-5 – sanctified is clean and set apart [for the Lord who resides inside] – one who is sanctified will not fornicate [the sexual act, whereas adultery is either the act or the thought Matt 5:28] – so keep yourself for your spouse until you marry and keep yourself with your spouse only after you marry – notice in v.4 this is honorable [Heb 13:4] – and notice that you are vessel because the Lord resides inside [2 Tim 2:20-21, honorable and dishonorable vessels] – concupiscence = strong sexual desire [which is what the devil is trying to entice in everyone today], which is controlled by controlling the thought life

A Loving Walk – v.6-10 –

  • A loving walk is a true walk – when you truly love someone you are not going to defraud them v.6 – defraud = to cheat, to swindle or to deceive – think about it, many believe that Jesus is a fraud, but in fact he is love [God is love] and he is true [Jn 14:6] – the devil is the deceiver – and Jesus never defrauded anybody – and when he is walking in you he will never lie to anyone, trick anyone, or take advantage of anyone by any means or for any reason – and when you do, the Lord is not only displeased, he will avenge the fraud!!
  • A loving walk is a holy walk – v.7 – there is a separation all through the Bible between the clean and the unclean and between the holy and the unholy [2 Cor 6:14-18] – and to keep this simple your life is clean and holy as long as there is nothing unclean in it – the moment that something unclean enters, then your life is no longer holy [like a spotted garment] – a Christian who loves you will never use unclean means to allure you to him [i.e. boys and girls doing unclean things to attract each other, pastors and congregations using unclean things to attract a larger crowd, advertisers using unclean things to attract your dollar, etc.]
  • A loving walk is a godly walk – v.8 – you realize that the Lord resides inside of every person that is truly a Christian and you don’t despise them without despising the Lord who resides inside of them [1 Jn 4:20]
  • A loving walk is an obedient walk – v.9-10 – you love them because the Lord told you to do it – Matt 22:36-40, Jn 15:12 – and the key is to love more and more – to expand your love for the brethren and even for the lost

An Honest Walk – v.11-12 – an honest walk is characterized by:

  • Quietly studying – 2 Tim 2:15
  • Minding your own business – 2 Thes 3:11
  • Doing your own work – Eph 4:282 Thes 3:10
  • Taking care of your own needs – 2 Thes 3:8-9