Amalek Typifies Sin Num 14:41-45

Amalek Typifies Sin Num. 14: 41-45 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

As we saw in this morning’s sermon, Amalek is a picture of sin.  Thus, when we study Amalek we learn more about our dealings with sin.  Sin, like Amalek, will eventually perish [Num 24:20].  But in the meantime it is alive and well.  Don’t think because we will be finished with it in our glorified bodies that we don’t have to deal with it now. We must.  Consider these truths:

If you turn away from the Lord, sin will get you – Num 14:41-45 – Amalek was waiting for the Jews when they went into Canaan.  And Amalek defeated them.  Sin will wait for you just outside the door [Gen 4:7]… the door is Jesus.  And if you turn away from the Lord, sin will take you down.

If the Lord lets sin get you, it can wreck everything you have – Jud 6:1-6 – sin doesn’t just affect you.  Sin affects everyone and everything around you.  The Amalekites destroyed the increase of the earth after Israel had sown and Israel was greatly impoverished.  Look what happened to Lot and Lot’s family.  Everything he worked for was destroyed.  Look what happened to David and his men in Ziklag [1 Sam 30:1-4].  They were burned out and everything they had was stolen or taken captive.

When sin gets the upper hand, it can discourage you to quit fighting – Jud 7:9-12 – Don’t let it overwhelm you.  The Midianites and the Amalekites and all the children of the east lay along in the valley like grasshoppers for multitude.  Sin can so overwhelm you that you are discouraged and afraid to even try to regain the dominion.  But Gideon had faith in the Lord and trusted that he would deliver his enemies into his hand.  You must fight against sin the same way.  David encouraged himself in the Lord [1 Sam 30:6].  Too many people throw in the towel and say that it’s just too hard to regain the advantage.  It isn’t.  It just looks that way.

Don’t quit; fight till you recover – 1 Sam 30:18-19 – if you will fight it like Gideon did and like David did, you can recover.  Look at 2 Tim 2:24-26.  Bob Jones, Sr. said, “You may not be all that you could have been, but, from now on, you can be all you ought to be.”  Consider how Mel Trotter recovered from his terrible drunkenness and the consequences of his sin. 

If you defeat sin one day, you’ll have to fight it again another day – 1 Sam 14:48; 1 Sam 15:2-3 – Saul smote the Amalekites and then had to fight them again later to destroy them.  And still they were around after their defeat.  Haman was an Agagite from Amalek [Est 3:1].  Don’t ever become complacent.  Be ever sober and vigilant in your fight against sin.

And remember, you cannot save the best parts of sin for yourself – 1 Sam 15:8-9 – you can’t deal with sin half way.  You must destroy it; all of it.  Look at 1 Sam 15:32-33.  A fellow I know tried to deal with gluttony.  He said that he wasn’t going to diet; he was going to change his life eating habits.  Around the holidays he told me that he was going to take a break so he could enjoy the holiday treats.  He lost his battle with that sin, by keeping back the best parts for himself, and has never regained the ground he lost.  Another friend decided that he would start dipping so that he could quit smoking.  He lost his battle with tobacco by keeping back the best parts for himself.  Sin must be defeated every time it pops its head up no matter how benign it appears.  See 2 Sam 1:5-16.

Conclusion: sin is a relentless enemy that you will fight till you die.  Knowing that, don’t turn away from the Lord.  You’ll be wide open for an attack.  If sin’s got you, you stand to lose a lot more than you realize.  So stop and fight and don’t be discouraged by how big it has become in your life.  Beat it back down, don’t keep any part back for yourself.  It must all be defeated.