Defeating Amalek Ex 17:6-16

Defeating Amalek Ex 17: 6-16 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Amalek is a type of sin.  In Joshua’s battle with Amalek in Ex 17:8-16, Joshua discomfited Amalek with the edge of the sword.  Israel defeated Amalek.  The picture in this text is the picture of our fight against sin and our need to win.  This sermon is how to defeat Amalek.

Notice the figures in this text.  In Ex 17:6, Moses smote the rock which typifies Jesus Christ crucified.  Then the water came out of the rock which typifies the Holy Spirit [Jn 7:37-39] after you trust the finished work of Jesus Christ on Calvary.  And what happens next?  Sin attacks and fights. It keeps fighting from generation to generation [Ex 17:16] until the Lord puts out the remembrance of it from under heaven [Ex 17:14; Heb 10:16-17].  In the new heavens and new earth “dwelleth righteousness,” [2 Pet 3:13].

The way to defeat Amalek, to have victory over sin before we die is:

By being saved – Ex 17:6 – you must have the rock [Jesus Christ] and you must have the water [the Holy Spirit].  When you trust Jesus Christ to save you, he is your rock and your salvation [Ps 18:1-3].  He’s the one who gives you the victory [1 Cor 15:56-57].  

When you get saved, you have the Holy Spirit.  Through the Holy Spirit you have power to mortify the deeds of the body and to be free from the law of sin and death [Rom 8:1-4, 11-13].  You can walk in the Spirit [Gal 5:16] and not fulfill the lust of the flesh.  Unless you are saved, you have neither the victory nor the power.  

By fighting against sin – Ex 17:9-10 – people are regularly defeated by sin because they refuse to fight against sin.  You can’t lay down and wait for God to deliver you.  You must fight this enemy.  It’s frustrating to listen to people talk about getting their rear end kicked by sin, and yet they won’t do anything to stop it.  Look at Heb 12:3-4.

By living crucified – Ex 17:11-12 – the picture of Moses, Aaron and Hur on the top of the hill is the picture of Jesus Christ crucified on Calvary, with the two thieves on either side.  In our fight against sin, we are to be dead to sin [Rom 6:6-12].  When we are dead to sin, we prevail over sin just like Israel prevailed over Amalek when Moses’ hands were raised.  When we are not living crucified with Christ [Gal 2:20], sin prevails over us, just like Amalek prevailed over Israel when Moses’ hands were down.

By getting help – Ex 17:12 – when Moses was trying to hold up the rod, Aaron and Hur “stayed up his hands.”  This is a picture of others helping us in our fight against sin by lifting up their hands in prayer for us [1 Tim 2:1, 8].  The testimonies of others who have been helped by our prayers for them are too numerous to recount.

By winning with the word – Ex 17:13 – Joshua discomfited Amalek with the edge of the sword.  Our sword is the word of God [Heb 4:12; Eph 6:16-17].  Jesus used it in his temptation to thwart the attacks of the devil.  And we use it in our fight against sin.  You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.  The light of the truth dispels the darkness of sin.

Conclusion: you will need to fight against sin in your life till you die.  You can never give up in the fight.  It will be relentless, particularly after you have a victory.  Amalek fought right after the water came out of the rock.  If you are not saved, you must trust Jesus Christ first if you ever hope to have victory over sin in your life.  He will save you and will put out the remembrance of your sin for ever.