Esther Waited One More Night Est 6:1-14

Esther Waited One More Night Esther 6: 1-14 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Esther had fasted and prayed three days for her opportunity to appear before the king to present her petition to save the Jews from Haman’s decree.  When she appeared before the king, she didn’t present her petition; she invited him and Haman to a banquet.  You would think that at this banquet she would not have hesitated to present her petition.  But she did. Esther waited one more night.  She had decided to present her petition to the king at supper the next night.  By waiting this one night, Esther allowed God to intervene on her behalf.  

Esther waited one more night:

For God’s precise timing – Est 6:1 – on this night, the king could not sleep.  So, they brought him the chronicles to read, probably hoping that he would fall asleep.  If Esther had presented her petition the day before, she would have missed this great opportunity for the king to read about Mordecai uncovering the assassination plot against the king.  

We have enemies who want to destroy us: the devil and the world and even grievous wolves and perverse men [Acts 20:29-30].  You may find yourself attacked personally or you may find that we are attacked as a church or as the body of Christ.  Whatever the case, you want to remember to wait on God’s precise timing.  He is going to deliver us from our enemies.  But he’ll do it at the precise time he desires.  He didn’t release Joseph until two years after he interpreted the butler’s dream. But his release came in one day, when God’s timing was right.  Belshazzar’s kingdom was destroyed in a night; the devil was defeated at Calvary in a day.  The rapture takes place in the twinkling of an eye.  All these happen at the precise time God wants them to happen.  So, wait on God.

For God’s perfect touch – Est 6:2-3 – God undoubtedly guided those reading the chronicles to the episode of Mordecai foiling the plot of the assassins.  It’s like he reached down and turned the pages.  If Esther had not waited one more night, she would have missed this grand event.

When you are fighting an enemy who wants you out, you must look to God to intervene.  Your enemy is going to look like Goliath and you are going to feel like David.  Your enemy is going to look like the giants of Canaan and you are going to feel like the spies who thought they were grasshoppers by comparison.  Don’t worry.  When God’d hand is for you, you will win.  He made the stars with his fingers, so wait on his touch.

For God’s powerful truth – Est 6:4-13 – God’s word is always going to be fulfilled.  In this case, Haman’s attempt to murder Mordecai on the gallows not only failed but returned upon his own head [Ps 7:15-16].  The devil, grievous wolves and the world succeeded in killing many martyr’s by burning them at the stake.  But God’s truth shows you that they’re still alive.  They went through the flame in a moment.  The devil, on the other hand, is going into the lake of fire, forever.  And the world is going to be melted with a fervent heat [2 Pet 3:10-12].

Haman exalted himself.  He thought the king wanted to honor him. And so he desired the royal horse, the royal apparel and the royal throne.  In this, he was just like the devil [Is 14:12-14].  But the Bible says that God abases the proud and exalts the humble.  And so it was with Haman and Mordecai; and so shall it be with you.  Humble yourself under the mighty hand of God [1 Pet 5:6], and submit yourself to God [Jas 4:7].  He’ll win the fight.  We wear the armor [Eph 6:10-18], but we are strong in the Lord and in the power of his might.

Haman had been joyful the day before [Est 5:9-12] and Mordecai and Esther had been mourning.  But by waiting one more night, the tables turned.  Now, Haman was “mourning,” [Est 6:12] and Mordecai and Esther could rejoice.  This is how it goes in the Bible according to Ps 30:5.  “Weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.”  And our morning will be at the second coming of Jesus.  Just wait on God to fulfill his powerful truth.  “Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall,” [Prov 16:18].

Conclusion: when you are facing an attack by an enemy, wait on God.  You want his precise timing, his perfect touch and his powerful truth to prevail.  Don’t take matters into your own hands.  Follow the Lord and he will get you through the fight.