A Want To Be Matt 10:24-25

A Want To Be  Matt. 10:24-25 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

It’s not wrong to want to be something for the Lord, if what you want to be is in line with what the Lord wants you to be.  And with the Lord, there is a very unique way to be what you want to be.

You may want to be like Christ – Matt 10:24-25 – you’re certainly not going to be greater than Jesus.  But wanting to be like him is admirable.  And if you want to be like Christ, then be a servant.  Jesus Christ was a servant, according to his Father [Matt 12:18], and he was beloved.  You will be, too.

You may want to be chief – Matt 20:26-28 – apparently, it’s not a bad thing to want to be chief.  Ten disciples were upset with James and John for wanting the seats on the right and left hand of Jesus in his kingdom.  But the Lord didn’t reprove them for asking for those seats.  He just said, If you want to be chief, be a servant.  Don’t exalt yourself to be chief; serve.  He also said “he that is greatest among you shall be your servant,” [Matt 23:11-12].   You want to be chief? Be a servant.

You may want to be rewarded – Lk 19:12-17 – Jesus obviously has no problem discussing rewards with his children.  He’s the one who taught that faithful servants are rewarded with authority in his millennial kingdom.  That’s far and away better than being a wicked servant [Lk 19:22].  If you would like to have authority over cities in Jesus’  millennial kingdom, then serve.

You may want to be honored – Jn 12:25-26 – it’s a bad thing to serve now so that you can be honored now.  But it’s not bad to serve here and to be honored hereafter.  The Lord said that he would honor any man who served him.  It is an honor to the Father to honor you.  Look how many parents drive with bumper stickers stating that their child is an honor student.  You want to be honored?  Be a servant of the Lord.

Conclusion: remember that when you serve you cannot serve two masters.  A servant cannot serve God and mammon [Lk 16:13].  A servant cannot serve sin and righteousness [Rom 6:16-18].  You serve the Lord with all you’ve got.  He’ll take care of the money.  And the more fervently you serve the Lord, the less desire you will have to serve sin.