What Does Sin Cost (Part 1)

What does sin Cost (Part 1) 

Romans 6:14-23

The passage we are using in this lesson deals with a saved person. The issue that Paul is discussing is sin in the life of the saved person. This lesson will have two parts and in the second part we will address the question of what does sin cost a person that is already saved. In this lesson we are going to look primarily at verse 23 and answer the question of what did sin cost in general.

In verse 23 the word of God says that the wages of sin is death. What exactly are wages? Wages are what you earn for doing something. If you have a job and you are paid $10.00 per hour and you work 40 a week then your weekly wages are $400.00 per week (before taxes of course). Therefore wages are simply what you earn.

According to this verse the sin that a person commits earns them death. Today people say that death is caused by disease, accident, homicide, or many other causes. But the Bible gives us the true reason for all death and that is SIN. (James 1:14-15)

There is a very important principle in regards to earning something. It will always cost you one thing to earn another. Remember that even though sin may be fun and seem exciting for a moment you must ask yourself what is it going to cost you in the end.

To answer the question of what does sin cost we are going to look at several people in the Bible and see exactly what sin cost.

1)  Sin cost Satan his original position. (Ezekiel 28:13-17 ; Isaiah 14:12-15)

Satan was not created as Satan but as Lucifer the anointed Cherub that covereth (Isaiah 14:12 ; Ezekiel 28:14). Satan was lifted up in his own heart and through pride he said that he would be higher than God and as a result he lost his position as the anointed Cherub and is now the being that we call Satan. And if you are wondering what will happen to Satan as a result of all of this read Revelation 20:10 and you will see that he winds up in the Lake of fire for all eternity.

2)  Sin cost Adam his physical life and living in Paradise. (Genesis 3:19, 22-24)

God told Adam that in the day he ate of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil he would die. Now Adam did die spiritual at that very moment and also from that point on he began to age physically. Remember that the result of sin is death (Romans 5:12-14). Also Adam and Eve were kicked out of the Garden of Eden and as a result of their sin and they also suffered many other physical conditions as a result their sin. So sin cost Adam a whole lot.

3)  Sin cost God his only begotten Son. (John 3:16)

Now we know that God did not sin but because of Adam’s sin it cost God something to get man back into fellowship with him. God is Holy, Just, and Righteous therefore he cannot just overlook man’s sin. So he provided his son the Lord Jesus Christ to come and die on the cross for our sins so that through the Lord Jesus Christ we could be saved and made righteous in the sight of God.

4)  Sin cost Jesus Christ the Agony of the Cross. (Isaiah 53:1-12 ; Luke 22:63-71, 23:1-50)

The death of the Lord Jesus Christ on the cross of Calvary was both humiliating and excruciatingly painful, not to mention he was beaten severely before he ever even got to the cross. And to top it all off he did not deserve any of it. He had never sinned in his life. What he was doing was paying for your sins and mine and the sins of the whole world. This is why Hebrews says he endured the contradiction of sinners. (Hebrews 12:3)

So you see sin has a terrible price and it will always get paid for one way or another. Now if you are lost and are trying to get to heaven any other way than the shed blood of the Lord Jesus Christ you will not make it. Many are trying to earn salvation through good works but if you can earn it then why did he die.

You see Jesus has already paid the debt that you owe for your sin when he died on the cross of Calvary. All you have to do is receive him as your Savior and accept this free gift of Salvation trusting in his shed blood to cover your sins and not your own works or goodness. (Romans 10:9-13 ; Ephesians 2:8-9)


What does sin Cost (Part 1) : Handout

Romans 6:14-23

1)  According to this passage what are the wages of sin?


2)  What is a good definition of the word wages?


3)  What is one of the main principle rules in earning something?


4)  What did sin cost Satan? Give references.


5)  What did sin cost Adam? Give references.


6)  What did sin cost God? Give references.


7)  What did sin cost Jesus? Give references.