On Time

On Time

Ex. 9:5


Do you believe that God is ever late for anything? I believe that he is always on time. I also believe that being late is not something God appreciates. [Ecc.3:1-8] clearly states that there is a time to every purpose under heaven. I really believe that God desires us to be on time for everything.

Be Attentive to Start times and Finish times

  • You need to be aware of when things start
  • Write down start times
  • Maybe sharpening your listening skills would help

Strive to be Early

  • Some say, “on time is late” and “early is on time”
  • Obstacles should never be used as a late excuse
  • You should add time to your plans for unforeseen obstacles
  • Mailing your bills without allowing for the snail mail will assure they’re late

Determine in advance what is needed on your part to be on time

  • In our house departure times are discussed far in advance
  • We calculate the things that need to be accomplished and time required for each
  • Airlines now announce to be there 2 hours in advance

Form some consistent Departure deadlines

  • Your schedule should not be constantly altered
  • At our home we have some standard times to depart, church for example
  • We listen for choir or teacher meeting times because they alter our routine


Where to be on Time


  • Every employer deserves an employee who is on time
  • You should be ready to work at starting time
  • You are being paid, so your tardiness is stealing


  • Easy to spot the same people again and again who are late
  • A Christian should not want to miss anything at church
  • Leaders and attendees should be prompt


  • Appointment times are that “set time” we looked at in Exodus
  • Pastor, banker, friend, lawyer, co-worker, doctor, or sales person, who it is should not make a difference
  • Some are starting to charge you for the time anyway


  • If you render any service you must realize that your client’s time is valuable
  • Services promised at a certain time should not be late
  • 15-minute oil change? 30-minute pizza delivery? 2:15 doctor’s appointment?
  • We all have experienced the waiting side of these, if you are ever on the delivery side be on time

Paying Bills

  • Misuse of money normally is the cause of late payments
  • Never get where the late date is the due date to you
  • This speaks volumes to your Christian testimony
  • Shoot for always on but preferably before the due date

Family Functions

  • Family is where your habits and examples are set (the fruit didn’t fall far from the tree)
  • Husbands and wives, parents and children, honor your commitments

Time with God

  • Daily appointment with God, daily devotions
  • Should never start late or be cut short

Getting up in the morning

  • Russell Anderson “You earn a living from 9-5; you become a success from 5-9”
  • “_______ didn’t wake me up” is no excuse, be an adult, don’t depend on your mommy


If you must be late, Notify anyone that it effects

  • Consistently being late shows a complete disrespect for others
  • Consistently being late tells a very clear picture of who you really are
  • The absolute least that you can and must do is to notify the parties that you are violating