A Study in the Life of Joseph

A Study in the Life of Joseph :Lesson #5 God’s Timing in Joseph’s Life

(Genesis 41:1-57)

In the passage for this lesson we see Pharaoh having dreams that trouble his spirit. So he calls all the wise men of Egypt together but they cannot interpret his dreams. The butler finally remembers his fault and tells Pharaoh about Joseph who interpreted his dream. Joseph is brought from the prison and stands before Pharaoh.

Pharaoh tells his dreams to Joseph and with God’s help Joseph interprets the dream of Pharaoh. Joseph also has a plan for saving Egypt from the famine. Pharaoh likes Joseph plan and promotes him to the second in command over all of Egypt. Joseph is also given a wife and has two children before the seven years of plentiful are over.

At the end of the passage we see the seven years of famine begin and the people of Egypt come to Pharaoh for food. He sends them to Joseph and tells them to do whatever he says.

Joseph as a type of Jesus Christ in this passage :

1)  Joseph has the spirit of God (verse 38) – see John 3:34 for Jesus.

2)  Joseph was wise (verse 39) – see 1 Corinthians 1:30 for Jesus.

3)  Joseph ruled with his word (verse 40,55) – see John 2:5 for Jesus.

4)  Joseph gets a new name (verse 45) – see Revelation 19:12 for Jesus.

5)  Joseph gets a gentile bride (verse 45) – Jesus has a gentile bride.

6)  Joseph was 30 years old when he stood before Pharaoh (verse 46) – see Luke 3:23 for Jesus.

7)  Joseph has bread to give (verse 55) – see for John 6:35 for Jesus.

What can we learn about God’s timing from the Life of Joseph?

1)  God used the very thing that caused Joseph to be hated by his brethren (his dreams) to deliver him from prison.

  • Have you ever wondered if Joseph wondered why God had allowed him to dream those dreams after they caused him such misery?
  • God may use the very thing that causes others to not like you or that you don’t like about yourself to accomplish something for him you never know.

2)  God’s timing connects Joseph to Jesus Christ.

  • Joseph is thirty when he stood before Pharaoh just as Jesus was thirty when he started his earthly ministry.
  • Many times our suffering is what connects us to Jesus Christ we just have to be patient and wait on God’s timing.

3)  The key for Joseph was to just be faithful.

  • God’s timing is a difficult thing sometimes but all we have to do is to be faithful and not quit.

One of the great verses in the New Testament for us is Romans 8:28. And we see it fulfilled in the life of Joseph. If we will be faithful and trust God we can also see it fulfilled in our lives as well.


A Study in the Life of Joseph : Lesson #5 God’s Timing in Joseph’s Life

(Genesis 41:1-57)


1)  What is happening in this passage concerning Joseph in Egypt?


2)  How is Joseph a type of Jesus Christ in this passage?


3)  What can we learn about God’s timing in Joseph’s life?