The Root of All Evil 1 Tim. 6:10

The Root of All Evil 1 Tim. 6:10 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

The root of all evil — 1 Tim 6:10 — the love of money is THE ROOT of all evil.  This root started with the devil [Ezek 28:3-10], and the evil that springs from it will be in full bloom in mystery Babylon during the Tribulation [Rev 18:2-3, 11-19].  The root is called covetousness.  The Lord warned his disciples about it [Lk 12:15] and Paul commanded us to mortify it [Col 3:5].  It is idolatry.  This root was apparent in the Pharisees [Lk 16:14-15].  And it continues right through the perilous times of the last days [2 Tim 3:2].

The rich young ruler is in hell because he loved his money more than God [Mk 10:17-25].  The rich man, at whose gate Lazarus was laid, went to hell because of it [Lk 16:19-31].  The love of money was at the root of Ananias and Sapphira’s decision to lie about the sale price of their land [Acts 5:1-10].

When you covet riches, you err from the faith.  God’s business runs on faith, not on your finances and programs.  No one had to pay the food and water bill in the wilderness.  No one had to pay a penny for the bread and and fish God used to feed the 5,000 [Mk 6:37; Jn 6:7].  When you covet riches, you pierce yourself through with many sorrows [contrast Prov 10:22].  There is the sorrow of a wasted life, a fruitless life [Matt 13:22], and a miserable life [Rev 3:17].

God’s way is very simple and consistent with exactly how Jesus lived when he was on earth.  See Prov 11:24-25, 28; Prov 13:7.  To increase, you scatter. Don’t trust riches and don’t withhold more than is meet.

Conclusion: if you want to be truly rich, trust Jesus Christ.  In him is true wealth.  2 Cor 8:9 ye through his poverty might be rich.  Riches of his grace Eph 1:7.  Riches of the glory of his inheritance Eph 1:18.  Rich in mercy Eph 2:4.  The unsearchable riches of Christ Eph 3:8.  Moses esteemed the reproach of Christ greater riches than the treasures in Egypt Heb 11:26.