Overwhelmed Luke 10:38-42

Overwhelmed Luke 10:38-42 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

You get overwhelmed when you are stressed, cumbered, careful and troubled about many things.  Oftentimes, you bring these things on yourself; sometimes you can’t control them.  When you are feeling overwhelmed, you can bite your fingernails, post your trouble on Facebook so others can see the shape you’re in, complain to God, make a prayer request at church, or whatever.

It’s better to do these things when you are overwhelmed:

Be still – Ps 46:10 – you must STOP when your life is spinning out of control.  You must be still and turn to God.  When you are still you remember that God is in control.  When you are stressed it’s easy to forget that he is God.  He reminds you when you are still that “I am God.”  You must remember that you are not in control of the universe; he is.  God doesn’t lose control when you do.  He will get you through the trouble just like he got the disciples safely to shore in their storms.  You will be amazed how he works things out.

Be strong – Jos 1:9 – be strong in the Lord and the power of his might.  Don’t be discouraged.  When you are overwhelmed you get discouraged.  The devil will take you down with discouragement.  When you dread things, you are discouraged before you even try to tackle them.  The Lord is with you.  Martha got through the meal.  You toughen up when you make it through trouble [Jn 12:2].

Be thankful – Eph 5:20 – count your blessings.  Joni Earekson Tada learned that her paralysis was beneficial to her witness for the Lord when she was thankful for it.  When trouble comes, you get tunnel vision and forget all the blessings you have already received.  Thankfulness changes your perception and, suddenly, your trouble seems so insignificant compared to everything the Lord has done for you.

Be merry – Prov 15:13, 17:22 – you don’t have to be mad or sad when trouble comes.  You don’t have to be overwhelmed.  Don’t grieve the loss of a loved one when they are still alive.  Enjoy your time with him or her.  Jesus Christ went to the cross with the joy that was set before him [Heb 12:2].  No one else could understand that joy; and they won’t understand how you can be merry in trouble.  Being merry is health; a broken spirit will dry your bones.  For example, you recover from surgery better when you are merry.

Be truthful – Eph 4:25 – about yourself, about your situation, and to others.  You are only so much man; you are only so much woman.  You have convinced yourself that you can handle the situation you’re in.  Martha should have just sat down with Mary and said, “I am making a big deal out of something; no one here even cares besides me.”  You can’t handle many of the things that overwhelm you.  So, don’t walk into things you can’t handle. Listen to those who are close to you when they tell you to leave it alone.  And don’t blame “Mary” when it isn’t her fault.

Be merciful – Ps 18:25 – there are others who are in worse shape and they need your care.  Caring for them will help you.  A friend who is making regular trips to M.D. Anderson for cancer treatments said, “That’s a great place to witness; there are so many people in need.”  When you are merciful to others, your problems don’t seem as big as theirs.  And the Lord is merciful to you, in exchange for your mercy to them.  You won’t be overwhelmed by what you are going through.

Conclusion: Be saved.  If you are here today without the Lord, and you are overwhelmed, you can trust the Lord Jesus Christ as your Saviour and you will never be overwhelmed in eternity.  You will be forever with the Lord.  And you will have him to help you every day until you get to heaven.