A Division Because of Jesus John 7:40

A Division Because of Jesus John 7:40 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

During Jesus’ ministry, there was a division among the people because of him. Some thought that he was the Prophet. Some thought that he was the Christ. Some argued that he could not be the Christ because they thought he came from Galilee not Bethlehem.

Jesus certainly causes division. There is a division of time because of Jesus. We have B.C. and A.D. There’s a division in humans because of him. Humans are divided into those who are “in Christ” and those who are “in Adam,” (1 Cor 15:22).   There is a division among the nations because of him. There are Jews and there are Gentiles. Jesus will rule from the throne of David in Jerusalem during his millennial reign and Jews will be the leading nation of the world.

In John 14:6, Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life; no man cometh unto the father but by me.” In this quotation, we find divisions because of him.

There is a division over life because of him.  He said, “I am the life.” In 1 John 5:12 we read, “He that hath the Son hath life; and he that hath not the Son of God hath not life.” To be saved, you must have the Son. If you have not received Jesus Christ, then you are not saved, no matter what religion you are in and no matter how good you have been. Instead, the wrath of God abides on you (Jn 3:36).  Life is in Jesus Christ, otherwise, you are in death (Proverbs 14:12).

There is a division over truth because of him. Jesus said, “I am the truth.”  He is the Word (John 1:1) and this Bible is the word (John 17:17).  In Psalm 12:6-7, God promised to preserve his words. I believe that he preserved them for us in the King James Bible. It is errorless. If the King James Bible is the truth, and I believe that it is, then the modern translations cannot be the word of God because they do not agree with the King James Bible. As i the case with true-false tests, if any part of the answer is false, the whole answer is false.

1 John 5:7 has been removed from the modern translations. It is the single greatest verse on the Trinity. The devil certainly would want that verse out of the Bible.  In Luke 2:33, the King James Bible mentions, “Joseph and his mother.” Modern translations change Joseph to “father,” obscuring the fact that God is Jesus’ Father and that Jesus is the begotten Son of God. In Acts 8:37, Philip clarified that the condition for water baptism is belief in your heart in the Lord Jesus Christ.  In that same verse, the Ethiopian eunuch confessed his belief that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. Isn’t it strange that verse has been removed from modern Bibles, paving the way for the doctrinal heresy of baptismal regeneration?  If the King James Bible is the word of God then modern translations cannot be. There is certainly a division over the truth because of Jesus.

There is a division over the way because of him. Jesus said, “I am the way.” Then there is only one way to heaven. And there is only one way to live in righteousness after you get saved. If the way you are on starts out wrong it will end up wrong. If it starts out right it will end up right. You cannot be going both ways at the same time. Jesus said, “he that is not with me is against me.” (Matt 12:30).  The longer you travel the wrong way the farther you are from the right way. If you get off track you cannot get back on where you should’ve been had you continued on the right path. You must go back where you were and pick it up from there. Any person who has ever detoured from the way, found himself opposed to Jesus and found himself on a detour he wishes he had never taken. If you are off-track, get back on track today. You must travel the way of righteousness with Jesus Christ.  There is no other way for a Christian to live.

Conclusion: if you have not received Jesus Christ as your Savior, then you do not have life. Please allow us to show you the gospel so that you may receive Jesus Christ and have life. If you are living in error, remember that Jesus Christ and his words are the truth. Line up with them.  If you are on any way other than the way of righteousness in Jesus Christ, stop. Get back on the right way.