Dangers of Procrastination

Dangers of Procrastination

Prov. 27:1


Procrastination is putting off something to a future time. We who are guilty often put things off till tomorrow. Usually, without exception, the things that we put off till tomorrow are things that we really don’t enjoy doing. I rarely procrastinate on anything I love to do. Let’s look at the dangers of procrastination, because of the Truths about Tomorrow.



[Prov.27:1]         Tomorrow is Unknown

  • You have NO Idea of what tomorrow will bring!
  • Most Christians have two big enemies, Yesterday and Tomorrow
  • Yesterday is GONE! You can’t get it back!
  • Tomorrow is UNKNOWN, putting something off till tomorrow is foolish!
  • I have learned, if there is something that must be done, counting on tomorrow is a very foolish thing to do. Do it today.
  • [Isa 56:12] Just because today is wonderful, don’t think that tomorrow will be better.
  • Procrastination is really boasting of tomorrow, not good.


[James 4:13-14]                Tomorrow is Unsure

  • Boasting of tomorrow is evil, you are counting on something that God has not given you yet.
  • [Luke 12:16-21] The rich man was counting on tomorrow!
  • Tomorrow is not guaranteed!
  • If you love someone, tell them, you may not get tomorrow!
  • What are some things that you would do if you knew that you had no tomorrow, do those today, don’t procrastinate?


[Matt. 6:34]       Tomorrow has its own Duties

  • God has a plan for your Today, every hour, minute and second.
  • You have a full-time job just doing what you should today!
  • Verses 31-33, that will use up more of your today than you think.
  • Tomorrow comes with its own list of good and evil
  • The best plan for tomorrow is to do right today!


[Prov.3:27-28]   Tomorrow is when you will do that thing that you don’t want to do, yea sure you will!

  • We all put off things that we don’t want to do till tomorrow!
  • Most of the time those things are very needful, for ourselves and others
  • We put off:
    • Doctor visits
    • Dentist visits
    • Confrontation
    • Reading Bible
    • Prayer
    • Salvation
    • Giving
    • Teaching
    • Helping
    • Learning
    • Witnessing
  • I have learned that it is best to do these things FIRST, then the rest of the day is easy!