The Truth of Your Weakness Num. 22-25

The Truth of Your Weakness Num. 22-25 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Introduction:  We must understand the truth of our weakness

  • Pray
  • Tell the story of Balaam
  • Hired to Curse the children of God
  • God would only let him bless them
  • Counseled Balak on a means to hurt Israel, counsel was true.
  • God allowed the truth of their weakness to harm them

Know the truth of your weakness

  1. [Rev.12:10] We have an accuser
  2. He attacks and accuses you Day and Night
  3. He attacks from every angle, just as Balak tried three different angles to curse them
  4. While you are walking with God, enjoying victories, you have no knowledge of his accusing, just as Israel had no idea they were being accused.
  5. [Jn.8:32] And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. Knowing the truth is is the only way to be free. If you are lost, the truth is that you are already condemned.
  6. [Jn.8:36] If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.

Acknowledge the truth of your weakness

  1. [2Tim.2:24-26] the need to acknowledge the truth to God
  2. The first step in recovering yourself from the snare of the devil
  3. If Israel had, doubtful if God would have allowed Balaam’s counsel to work
  4. Acknowledge the truth to God and allow him to let you recover yourself from the snare of the devil

 Walk in the Strength of God’s Truth

  1. [Jn.17:17] sanctify them through thy truth: thy word is truth
  2. [3Jn.1:3-4] It pleases God for you to walk in the truth
  3. Importance of staying in church, the enemy picks off the stragglers and weak
  4. Amalek First Enemy Attack,  Exodus 17, What they attacked [Deu.25:17-18]
  5. Help of the brethren testifying, look around in this church and you will see great examples of folks walking in the truth
  6. Proof of the Truth testifying [3Jn.1:12], the greatest proof is when the Bible testifies of the truth that you are walking in.


  • Review the points
  • Encourage the Lost to acknowledge the truth
  • Encourage the saints to Know and Acknowledge the truth of their weakness, and to start walking in God’s truth.