Prophecies of the Birth of Christ Matt. 1:23

Prophecies of the Birth of Christ Matt. 1:23 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

This sermon is about the significance of the prophecies of the birth of Christ.  These mean more than Christmas.

The prophecy of the virgin birth of Christ – Matt 1:23 – this prophecy was made by Isaiah to Ahaz as a sign in Is 7:14.  The significance of this prophecy is that it is an impossibility for a virgin to have a child without a man.  Yet, Mary’s conception and the birth of Christ were a miracle performed by God in fulfillment of Gen 3:15.  Frankly, the only way for God to be with us [“Emmanuel”] is by the virgin birth of Christ.  Thus, “God was manifest in the flesh,” [1 Tim 3:16].  “God with us” was fulfilled when Jesus was here at his first coming and will be fulfilled again when Jesus returns [Ezek 48:35].

The prophecy of the birth of Christ in Bethlehem – Matt 2:1-6 – this prophecy fulfills the prophecy by Micah in Mic 5:2.  There are several important prophecies that are fulfilled by Jesus coming from the tribe of Judah and being born in Bethlehem.  The birth of Christ in Bethlehem fulfills Jacob’s prophecy concerning the tribe of Judah in Gen 49:8-12.  From Ps 78:67-68 we see that the place of authority in Israel was moved from Shiloh in Ephraim to Mt. Zion in Judah for the “Governor, that shall rule my people Israel,” [Matt 2:6].  Jos 18:1, Num 13:8 and Num 13:16 show us that the rule was originally in Shiloh of Ephraim under Joshua, the man who led the Jews into the promised land.  Furthermore, because of the birth of Christ in the line of Judah, the priesthood was moved from Levi to Judah [Heb 7:11-15, 3].  God’s ideal government, therefore, is a theocracy.

Notice these other very significant facts.  From Jn 7:42, Ps 132:11 and Lk 1:32, we see that Jesus will sit on the throne of David in Jerusalem when he rules during his millennial reign [Is 9:6-7].  From Mic 5:2, we also see that his goings forth are from everlasting indicating that Jesus Christ must be God because he has no beginning [this truth relates to the virgin birth of Christ as God’s Son].  From Mic 5:1-3 we also see the prophetic connections to Christ’s death [smite, v.1], Israel during the church age, particularly 70 to 1948 AD [give them up, v.3], the Tribulation [until the time, travaileth, v.3], the end of the Tribulation and the salvation of Israel [remnant, v.3], and the return of Israel to their land [fulfilled at the second coming of Jesus, v.3].

The prophecy of the star connected with the birth of Christ – Matt 2:2 – this prophecy is a fulfillment of the prophecy of Balaam found in Num 24:17.  The men who found this star and followed it were from the east.  They were wise men, not kings, and the number of them was not given [contrary to popular thought displayed in nativity scenes that these were three kings].  They were men who descended from those astrologers and wise men instructed by Daniel in Babylon during Judah’s captivity.  They knew the approximate time of Messiah’s birth from Daniel’s prophecy in Dan 9.  And, as astrologers, they knew to look for his star.  The Star is out of Jacob, therefore, Jewish.

The prophecy of this Star tells that he will destroy [2 Thes 1:7-10] and have dominion over the nations of the earth [Rev 19:15].  Notice, that in Rev 19:14, the armies that are with him in heaven return with him when he comes.  Those armies are his saints, among whom we are.  We return with him to fight against his enemies.

Conclusion: You see, right now, you can receive the Lord Jesus Christ as your Savior and escape the coming wrath of God on his enemies.  God is a God of justice and a God of mercy.  In the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus, he demonstrated both his mercy on us and his just judgment of sin on his Son, Jesus Christ.  If you receive Jesus now, God will extend his mercy to you and make you his child [Jn 1:12].  Then you can ride with him when he returns to this earth.  If you reject Jesus, you will die in your sin [1 Cor 15:22] and when Jesus returns you will be destroyed by his wrath.  The choice is yours.  You can be saved today and ride in the saddle [Rev 19:14] or you can reject Christ and be under the hoof [Rev 19:15; Rev 14:19-20; Is 63:2-3].  Your choice.