How to Miss God’s Blessings Ex. 17:1-6

How to Miss God’s Blessings Ex. 17:1-6 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Exodus 17:1-7 with Numbers 20:1-13

In this sermon we will look at the two places in the word of God where Moses performed a miracle so that water came out of a rock to supply the children of Israel after they left Egypt. During the second time that this miracle was performed Moses struck the rock twice instead of speaking to it as he was instructed to do. This mistake is why he did not get to enter into the promise land. We will look at why he did what he did and make a spiritual application for us on why we miss out on many blessing that God may have for us.

The First Time : (Exodus 17: 1-7)

Shortly after the children of Israel had left Egypt they came to a place with no water. They complained unto Moses and Aaron. Moses and Aaron ask the Lord to help them and he told them to go to the rock that he would show them and to strike it with his rod and that water would come forth. Moses did as he was commanded and the children of Israel were given water.

The Second Time : (Numbers 20:1-13)

After Israel had been denied entry into the promised land because of unbelief, they again came to a place of no water. As usual they blamed Moses and Aaron and complained unto them once again. Moses and Aaron went before the Lord and he told Moses to speak to the rock and it would bring forth water. Instead of speaking to the rock Moses struck the rock with his rod twice and water came out of the rock. But God was not pleased with this and told him that he would not get to go into the promised land.

What was so bad about hitting the rock and not speaking unto it?

By not speaking to the rock not only did Moses disobey God but he broke a type. The rock was a type of Jesus Christ (1 Corinthians 10:14). The reason that he was to hit the rock with the rod was to typify the crucifixion of Jesus Christ (Mark 14:27 and John 19:34). The reason that he was to speak to the rock the second time was to show that Jesus needs to only be crucified one time (Hebrews 9:11-12, 25-28).

By hitting the rock again Moses broke a type and this important type in the scripture.

More insight into what happened in Numbers 20 : (Psalm 106:32-33)

In these verses we see more details about what happened with Moses that led him to mess up in striking the rock.

1)  It went ill with Moses for their sakes (verse 32)

  • Note here that Moses was doing something for the sake of others.
  • It is usually when we are trying to help or serve others that we will get upset, frustrated, and even angry sometimes. This is also when like Moses we miss the blessings of God just like Moses.

2)  He spoke unadvisedly with his lips (verse 33)

  • This is where we can see a different attitude in Moses between the first and second time that he struck the rock. Note he called them Rebels the second time.
  • If we are not careful we can do the same thing.

What caused Moses to miss the blessing that God had for him?

1)  Unbelief (Numbers 20:12)

  • How many blessing do we miss through unbelief? (Matthew 13:58 ; Mark 16:14)

2)  He took credit for God’s work (Numbers 20:10)

  • Note what Moses told the people. “Must we fetch you water out of this rock”.
  • Many times we take credit for the work that God has done. This robs us of the blessing.
  • Also it make us think how much work could God do if we would just get out of the way and let God bless us.

3)  He sanctified not the Lord in the eyes of the people (Numbers 20:10)

  • The word sanctify means to set apart for God’s use. By doing it the same way he had done it the first time Moses didn’t show the people the Lord in what he had done.
  • When we take credit for God’s work he may still bless the people with water but he is not set apart and shown clearly to the people as he should be.

We must be very careful not to let the same things that caused Moses to miss a blessing to cause us to miss a blessing.