Sound Doctrine 2 Tim. 3:16

Sound Doctrine 2 Tim 3:16. CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Sound doctrine is found in the Bible. Doctrine is what the Bible says.  Scripture is profitable for doctrine – 2 Tim 3:16.  So, if you want to learn doctrine, then go to the Bible.  The trouble with Christians who get pulled into false doctrine and false religions is that they do not know Bible doctrine.  They haven’t been taught it and they haven’t studied it.

You must dig out doctrine and study it.  It takes labor.  Pastors are supposed to labor in the word and doctrine – 1 Tim 5:17. So get in a good church where the pastor teaches and preaches doctrinally.  And study for yourself.  It takes attendance.  Paul said, “Give attendance to doctrine – 1 Tim 4:13.  That means that you should apply yourself to it.  It takes heeding.  Paul told Timothy to take heed to the doctrine and continue in it – 1 Tim 4:16. That means to pay attention to it.  By doing so, you will “save thyself and them that hear thee.” It takes nourishing.  By it you’ll be nourished up in… good doctrine – 1 Tim 4:6.

You must beware because there are corruptions.  There are other doctrines.  Paul told Timothy to charge some “that they teach no other doctrine,” 1 Tim 1:3.  And there are doctrines of devils – 1 Tim 4:1.

You must learn doctrine and speak it.  Speak sound doctrine. Speak things which become sound doctrine – Titus 2:1.  Live sound doctrine. In doctrine shewing uncorruptness, gravity, sincerity – Titus 2:7.  Preach doctrine.  Reprove, rebuke, exhort with all longsuffering and doctrine – 2 Tim 4:2.  Convince gainsayers with doctrine.  A bishop must by sound doctrine exhort and convince gainsayers – Titus 1:9.

You must remember that you are living in days of apostasy.  They turn away from doctrine. They will not endure sound doctrine – 2 Tim 4:3.

Conclusion: We cannot give up on doctrine.  If the “crowds” won’t come for doctrine because they cannot endure it, then we mustn’t pervert the doctrine or change the doctrine to appeal to the masses.  We must keep our doctrine pure and scriptural.