The Faithful Fail Prov. 20:6

The Faithful Fail Prov. 20:6 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

The faithful fail from among the children of men.  God wants men and women who are faithful.  But faithful people are hard to find [Prov 20:6].  Faithfulness is one of the most outstanding characteristics of God [Deut 7:9].  Jesus is faithful [Rev 19:11].  The word is faithful [Titus 1:9].  And we need to be faithful [Rev 17:14].

Look at these well-known faithful Bible characters:

  • Moses – Num 12:7
  • Samuel – 1 Sam 2:35
  • David – 1 Sam 22:14
  • The wise woman of Abel – 2 Sam 20:16-19 [who killed Sheba]
  • The temple workmen – 2 Ki 12:15; 22:7 [under Jehoash and Josiah]
  • Hanani – Neh 7:2 [Nehemiah’s brother]
  • Abraham – Neh 9:7-8; Gal 3:9
  • Daniel – Dan 6:4
  • Timothy – 1 Cor 4:17
  • Tychicus – Eph 6:21; Col 4:7
  • Epaphras – Col 1:7
  • Onesimus – Col 4:9
  • Paul – 1 Tim 1:12
  • Silvanus – 1 Pet 5:12
  • Antipas – Rev 2:13

We know them so well, in part, because they were faithful.  And we need to be faithful.  But the faithful fail from among the children of men.  And our concern is that you don’t fail in your need to be faithful.

What have you done with your stewardship?  1 Cor 4:2 – faithfulness is required in stewards.  You have a stewardship over the children God has given you.  You have a stewardship over the wealth that God has given you.  Do you tithe?  You have stewardship over anything trusted to your care by the Lord or by someone in authority.  Have you been faithful in your stewardship?  Realize that the faithful fail.  Don’t fail here.

What have you done with what you have been taught? 2 Tim 2:2 – you have been taught some things that you are supposed to be able to teach others.  You are to teach your children [Titus 1:16], your Sunday school class if you have one, your converts [discipleship] and others whom God has given you to teach.  You have been taught well.  What have you done with what you have been taught? Don’t keep it all to yourself.

What have you done with your pound? Lk 19:12-27 – each of us has been given a “pound” to do something for Jesus that yields him a return on the investment he has made in you [probably the measure of faith, Rom 12:3; see this post].   What have you done with the faith the Lord has given you?  Is he getting any kind of return on his investment?  Everyone in the body of Christ has a function that contributes to the health and growth of the body.  What are you doing?  Or have you hidden your pound?  Remember the faithful fail. Don’t fail.

What have you done with your ministry? 1 Tim 1:12 – the Lord counted Paul faithful putting him into the ministry. The Lord gives you a little something to do for him to see how you will do.  When you do well, then he gives you a little more to do [Lk 16:10, he that is faithful in least is faithful in much].  Perhaps, you have so little to do for the Lord because you haven’t been faithful with the “least.” Be faithful.  Don’t fail from among the children of men.

Conclusion: What have you done with the gospel? 1 Tim 1:11. If you are lost, you must receive Jesus Christ as your Savior.  And then you need to tell others what the Lord has done for you.

And if you are saved, but you haven’t been faithful, then remember Onesimus.  He wasn’t profitable at first [Phile 11] but he became a faithful and beloved brother [Col 4:9]; you can too.  Your reward [Ps 31:23] will be based on your faithfulness.