Ebenezer, 1 Sam 7:1-12

1 Sam 7:1-12 Ebenezer CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

In 1 Sam 7:1-12, Ebenezer is the stone that was placed for a memorial in Israel.  It is very significant because it represents the day and the battle in which the Lord helped Israel against the Philistines.  His help, though, was predicated upon Israel doing some things in preparation for the battle.  We would be wise to consider these things.  They had an Ebenezer memorial because:

They truly repented – 1 Sam 7:3-4 – they repented with all their hearts and when you are away from God you need to repent.

  • They returned to him – you’ve been away too long, though he hasn’t left you [Heb 13:5]
  • They put away the strange gods – these strange gods include the idols in your heart [Ezek 14:3]
  • They prepared their hearts unto the Lord – it’s time for you to go his way, not yours
  • They served him only – you cannot serve two masters [Matt 6:24]

They confessed their sins – 1 Sam 7:5-6 – many times sin is  standing in the way of the Lord helping you and he wants you to confess it – 1 Jn 1:9, 7.

They fasted – 1 Sam 7:6 – fasting sometimes strengthens your relationship with the Lord and your spiritual strength that you receive from him.  Paul did it often 2 Cor 11:27

They relied upon the Lord – 1 Sam 7:7-8; 2 Chr 16:7 – notice they were not relying upon the ark [1 Sam 4:3]; they were relying upon the Lord himself!!  You know that the Lord said,  “Without me ye can do nothing,” [Jn 15:5].

They prayed – 1 Sam 7:9-10 – Actually Samuel interceded for them and the Lord heard him [Jer 15:1].  It helps to have someone who can truly get a hold of God to pray for you [Jas 5:16].

Conclusion:  And the Lord helped them – 1 Sam 7:10-12 – the thundering of the Lord is like his thunder at his second coming [Ps 18:13].  He is going to take out the enemies of the Jews at the Second Advent and, likewise, he’ll help you take out your problems!  Then you can have your Ebenezer.