Comparing Yourself to Others

Comparing Yourself to Others

2 Cor.10:12

You do it, comparing yourself to others. Paul says that it is unwise. We all find ourselves comparing our physical, intellectual, economic, and spiritual status to other people. This does not imply that you can’t follow or use as a good example a man of God, like Paul said in [1 Cor.11:1] “be ye followers of me, even as I also am of Christ”. In this lesson we will just look at a few reasons why we shouldn’t do that.


Comparing yourselves among yourselves will cause:


  1. You will become High-minded [Prov.30:13], fits this generation!
    1. [Rom.12:3] God has given you the measure of faith to live your life.
    2. [Gal.6:3-4] Don’t deceive yourself. You are to prove your own work.
    3. [2 Cor.12:7] No matter where God positions you, remember who is to be exalted, and it’s not you!
    4. This “soul winner” persona, or even “KJV 1611” persona can be a high-minded, self-glorifying, person that God hates [Prov.6:17] a proud look.




  1. You will become Low-sighted [Prov.30:12], fits this generation!
    1. It is very typical to find Christians that are not as “refined” as ourselves and use them to compare against, thus justifying our own short comings.
    2. [Luke 18:10-14] the Pharisee vs the Publican! Who should be your example?
    3. You can also be intimidated by someone that you feel is more spiritual than you, thus lowering your worth or standing in God’s eyes.
    4. We are all to keep our eyes fixed on Jesus, [Heb.12:2]




  1. You will become Unprepared for Judgement Day      [Rom.14:12]
    1. [John 21:15-22] We all have a full time job just being concerned with our own Christian walk, everyone else’s walk is none of our business!