The Word of Samuel

1 Sam 4:1 The Word of Samuel CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

We’re studying the first sentence of 1 Sam 4.  This little understated sentence in 1 Sam 4:1 is one of the most profound statements ever made about a man.  The Bible says, “And the word of Samuel came to all Israel.”  What you and I have to understand is that this “word” is not just something Samuel made up to say and it is not like the books and sermons that are being published by so many preachers today.  This “word of Samuel” is much more than a man’s word.  This is Samuel speaking the word of God to Israel [1 Sam 3:21].  Much of what he said is written scripture today!!  Think about that!

And the truth is that you and I should be careful when we speak to others of things concerning the Lord that our words are the words of God and that they are true to the words of God.  Just look at these verses:

1 Pet 4:11– We are to speak as the oracles of God, 1 Pet3:15

Is 41:28 – When the Lord inquired in Israel, no man … could answer a word. They didn’t know his words.

Is 50:4-6 – When Jesus was on earth, the Lord God gave him the tongue of the learned

Jn 7:14-16 – Thus, Jesus could say that his doctrine was God’s since he didn’t learn it from men

Jn 8:26-27 – Jesus spoke what he heard from his Father

1 Thes 2:13– And Paul complimented the Thessalonians because they recognized that Paul was preaching the word of God and not the word of men

2 Cor 2:17– Even though there were many men who were corrupting the word of God, Paul was careful to speak … “as of God” … “in Christ

Matt 10:19-20 – The disciples were told not to meditate on what they were going to say in “court” because the Spirit of God would give them what to say at their trial – this insured that their words were from the Lord as a testimony and not the words of men trying to defend themselves

So, how can we tell when a man’s telling the truth from the scripture?  Simple, his words will line up with all the counsel of God, Acts 20:27.  Every liar can get his doctrine to line up with a few verses but eventually his doctrine will run contrary to the words of  God when he is preaching his words instead of the Lord’s.

And when he’s not preaching the Lord’s words, you will hear – “enticing words,” 1 Cor 2:4; “good words and fair speeches,” Rom 16:17-18; and he’ll make a fair show of you in the flesh [w/ Gal 5:11] to avoid the “offence of the cross.”  [This will include requiring you to be baptized in water in his church or group of churches in order to be saved]  He’ll tell you what you want to hear not what you need to hear, 1 Ki 22:6-8.

When he’s not preaching the truth you will notice that there’s no light in him, Is 8:20 – yet there was light in Samuel, there was light in Paul, there was light in Jesus, and there’s light in the true words of God, Ps 119:105, 130.