Joseph the Ruler Ps.105 Gen.37

Joseph the Ruler Ps. 105 Gen.37. CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Joseph was a man that God wanted to use and a man that God did use.  What sort of preparations and training did he go through?  Preparing Joseph the ruler involved:

An ordinary beginning – Gen 37:2 – doing ordinary chores and fussing over ordinary sibling rivalry, which became extraordinary envy [Gen 37:4].  But he didn’t buckle under the sibling pressure.  Notice some prophets who started out just faithfully, diligently and obediently doing their ordinary work [Zech 13:5; Amos 7:14-15].  Most leaders are not naturally born.

An early “call” – Gen 37:6-10 – Joseph, at some point, began to realize that dreams were a way of God communicating his will [Gen 40:8; Num 12:6; Gen 31:10-11].  He thought enough about them to tell his father and brethren.  Yet with this realization he did not change his attitude about obeying his father [Gen 37:12-14, even went to Dothan, did what father asked him to do even though it was more than he was required to do; he could have returned and said that they weren’t there.  You need to realize early in your life that God wants to use you and you need to be serious about the possibility of his call in your life.

A major test of faith – Gen 37:26-27 – Ps 105:17 this is what the psalmist called “God sent a man before them.”  See Gen 45:5. Somewhere along the way Joseph recognized the hand of God in what his brothers did, probably earlier than later.  Joseph had to understand Ps 75:6-7.  Promotion comes from God; not from man.  Joseph had to trust God Prov 3:5-6 in adversity.  Your faith will continue to be tested [Ps 105:19] until you believe explicitly.

Evidence of God’s favor – Gen 39:2-5, 23 – in this he was like Jesus Christ [Lk 2:52].  It was evident to others that God was at work in Joseph’s life.  God had his hand on Joseph and Joseph protected that favor [Gen 39:9].  He didn’t squander it like so many do today.  In time others recognized the work of the Spirit of God in his life [Gen 41:38].  You should concern yourself with these things much more than with your social network and friends’ approval.

Balanced servanthood and oversight – Ps 105:17; Gen 39:4 – Joseph was sold as a servant but he became an overseer.  You need to keep serving as your oversight increases [Matt 20:25-28; Lk 22:26-27].  Never get big-shot-it is.

Instruction through suffering – Ps 105:18; Heb 5:8 – some people want a ministry so that they can have recognition and glory.  Ministry involves suffering to instruct you and there’s no way around it.  God authors suffering in your life and he allows it.

Spiritual maturity – Gen 45:4-8 – Joseph learned to handle the ministry graciously without taking trouble personally and without vengeance.  He held no grudges against his brothers.  He looked at what God was doing through all of this rather than at what others were doing.

Wisdom and liberty to lead – Ps 105:20-21; Gen 41:39 – through all of Joseph’s preparations in service, God gave him wisdom.  When he was finally promoted to be the second ruler in the kingdom, he had the liberty to lead as God directed him.  You will never be the leader God wants you to be without God’s wisdom to lead and the liberty to lead as God directs you.

Conclusion: We may have young people in our church that God will use in leadership capacities.  You will go through these general phases if God desires to use you that way.  Don’t falter, don’t bail in your training and preparation.