The End of the Priesthood for Eli 1 Sam. 2:27-36

1 Sam 2:27-36 The End of the Priesthood for Eli CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Because of the wickedness of Eli and his sons, the Lord sent a “man of God” to Eli to tell him that he was taking the priesthood away from his family, that his sons would die in the same day, and that none of his offspring would live to see old age.  Look at the questions the man of God poses to Levi and the prophecies that he gives to him regarding his family.

Question 1 – v.27 – Yes, he appeared to Aaron, Ex4:27

Question 2 – v.28 – Yes, he chose Aaron and his sons to be the priests, Ex 28

Question 3 – v.28 – Yes, he gave Aaron and his sons the offerings, e.g. Lev 10:14-15

Question 4 – v.29 – A question that Eli can’t answer because he had honored his sons above the Lord and they had made themselves fat with the offerings [1 Sam4:18,2:13-16].

New Condition – v.30 – Aaron’s sons had been chosen in the priesthood for ever but now God places a condition on their continual service, he’ll honor them that honor him and lightly esteem those who despise him.  Since Eli and his sons despised the Lord then they get the following prophecies.

Prophecy 1 – v.31 I will cut off thine arm – Doeg the Edomite kills 85 of the priests in 1 sam 22:17-19.  Abiathar escapes v.20.  Abiathar is removed by Solomon in 1 Ki 2:27 [part of another prophecy concerning Eli’s grief of heart in v.33].

Prophecy 2 – v.31-33 – there shall not be an old man in thine house, they shall die in the flower of their age.  Eli lived to be 98 years old [1 Sam 4:15], but his offspring dies young after this.

Prophecy 3 – v.32 – thou shalt see an enemy in my habitation – this is the antichrist in 2 Thes 2:1-4.

Prophecy 4 – v.34 – Hophni and Phinehas will die in one day, 1 Sam 4:11.

Prophecy 5 – v.35 – I will raise up a faithful priest who shall walk before me for ever.  This is Zadok, 1 Ki 1:8, Ezek 44:15-16 [fulfilled in the millennial reign of Jesus].

Prophecy 6 – v.36 – Eli’s offspring will crouch to him for a piece of bread.