Benefits of Justification by Faith, Rom 5:1-11

Benefits of Justification by Faith Rom. 5:1-11 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

In the first four chapters of Romans, Paul concluded and thoroughly illustrated that we are justified by faith.  Therefore, we enjoy the following benefits of justification by faith.

Through justification by faith in Christ we have:

  • Peace – Rom 5:1 – we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ
  • Grace – Rom 5:2 – we have access by faith into this grace wherein we stand
  • Joy – Rom 5:2 – we rejoice in hope of the glory of God

Through justification by faith in Christ we glory in tribulations because they yield:

  • Patience – Rom 5:3 – tribulation worketh patience – nothing you try makes it go away; so you learn to patiently live with it
  • Experience – Rom 5:4 – patience, experience – as you patiently wait, you learn by experience things you could not have learned without the tribulation
  • Hope – Rom 5:4 – experience, hope – you hope for the glory of God and you hope for the fulfillment of all that God desires to accomplish in you and through you in your tribulation
  • Confidence – Rom 5:5 – hope maketh not ashamed – “ashamed” is feeling shame because of something bad, feeling embarrassed. People who believe on the Lord Jesus Christ are not ashamed [Rom 1:16; 9:33. 10:11] and have nothing to be ashamed of when they go through something bad that magnifies the Lord [Phil 1:20].
  • Love – Rom 5:5 – in tribulation the love of God is shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Ghost. In tribulation His love is not just something you know by belief; it is something that is shed abroad in your heart.

Through justification by faith in Christ we understand Christ’s death:

  • For the ungodly – Rom 5:6 – we were “without strength.” We didn’t have the strength to save ourselves as ungodly humans.  That strength had to come from God.  Jesus Christ had to die for us.  It is the only way.
  • For sinners – Rom 5:7-8 – though it’s rare, we understand someone dying for a good man, particularly a fellow soldier, a relative or a dear friend. That’s the love of man.  What we don’t understand is a righteous man dying willingly for sinners.  That’s the love of God.
  • For his enemies – Rom 5:9-10 – because we were God’s enemies, we had to be reconciled to him in order to be able to live with him. Jesus reconciled us to God by his death, justified us by his blood, and saved us from wrath by his life.  The moment you believe on the Lord Jesus Christ you are reconciled [his enemy becomes his friend], justified [the ungodly becomes the son of God], and saved [the sinner becomes the saint].  Furthermore, by Jesus we receive the atonement [Rom 5:11].  That is in his death for us he finished our ransom [1 Tim 2:4-6], our forgiveness [Col 1:14] and our sanctification [1 Cor 1:30-31].

Conclusion: as you can see there are fabulous benefits of justification by faith in Christ.