Being a Pattern

Being a Pattern

Titus 2:7


“In all things shewing thyself a pattern of good works” a pattern is something that is used as an example, especially to copy, [Ex.25:9, 40] [1 Chr.28:19]. Are you an example that anyone would want to copy? Whether you want to be or not, people are checking out the pattern that you present. People in this church that are younger than you, are looking up to you, to see what is next or desirable for their life. Paul explains to Titus some very important points to address when you consider your pattern or someone else’s. You should be a good pattern and always copy a good one.


  1. Uncorruptness V:7
    1. Holy, just, and without blame [1 Thes.2:9-12] That was Paul’s pattern
    2. [1 Pet.1:15-16] that is the pattern that God left for us.
    3. You should never be viewed [1 Thes.5:22], dishonestly using your position or power to get an advantage, especially for money.
    4. The Lord has furnished you some great patterns to copy.


  1. Gravity V:7    (seriousness)
    1. It is good to have a sense of humor, but if you are never serious, no one will ever take you seriously.
    2. [1 Tim.3:4-5] Gravity is a qualification of a pastor, without it there would be no rule.


  1. Sincerity V:7
    1. Always say what you mean or truly believe.
    2. Don’t kid anyone about your real beliefs [2Cor.4:2][2 Cor.1:12]


  1. Sound Speech V:8
    1. Speech in line with the Bible
    2. [Tit.2:1] Sound doctrine is the context of this passage
    3. Why? [Tit.1:9] so that you can tell others the truth
    4. [1 Pet.2:12][1 Pet.3:16] Not to be condemned


  1. Obedience V:9
    1. Obedience to whoever is your master, parent, employer, teacher or authority is.
    2. “not answering again”, obey upon the first command.


  1. No Purloining V:10        (stealing)
    1. It goes without saying, “Thou shalt not steal”.
    2. Cheating is stealing (not giving all eight hours for eight hours of pay)
    3. Being needy is steeling (taking over advantage of someone’s help)
    4. Enjoying all the blessings of God, and not giving [Mal.3:8-10] Israel did.



  1. Fidelity   V:10   (exact copy, true to the original )
    1. The degree to which the detail and quality of an original, such as a picture, sound, or story, is copied exactly
    2. You are labeled as a “Christian”, are you poor in quality as a pattern?
    3. Your fidelity will improve as you address the points above, by reading God’s word and keeping good fellowship with Him.


The result of this pattern is: “that they may adorn the doctrine of God our Saviour in all things”. That is exactly what you do with a good pattern, it is to be added to your life for improvement, and looked upon by others as desirable.