What is Love in the Bible

What is Love in the Bible 



“Love makes the world go round”, not really. Yet most of us fashion our life around the things we love. Do you know what the Bible says about love? If you wish to truly love someone, Love in the Bible is a perfect love.


Love in the Bible requires sacrifice         John 3:16

  • John 15:13 No greater love…
  • 5:6-8 While we were yet sinners 1 Pet.3:18 the  just for the unjust
  • God’s love is unconditional, not based on our good looks or performance
  • Sacrificial love is unconditional; God didn’t require a certain number of folks that would accept Jesus as their Saviour before he sacrificed His son.
  • How sacrificial is your love?


Love in the Bible requires commitment                                Gen. 2:24

  • We often think that Love is just a natural thing, wrong!
  • If it were natural, why do we need to be commanded to do it? 6:4-5, Eph.5:25, Titus 2:4
  • Love is fruit of the Spirit of God, Gal.5:22
  • Marriage is a life time commitment; Dating is a commitment to marriage.


Love in the Bible does not expect anything in return      1 Cor.13:1-7

  • We expect things in return when our love is based on emotions
  • Love in the Bible is not based on “feelings”
  • If your love is based on feelings, then when the object of your love fails to meet your expectations, you don’t love them anymore!


Love in the Bible never stays the same                 Phil. 1:9

  • It is either abounding or waxing cold 24:12, cause is iniquity or sin
  • Your love is never a completed project, it needs work constantly
  • You can increase it (Phil. 1:9) in knowledge, Know as much as you can about them.
  • And in Judgment, assess your love by God’s views, not your ideas.