Overview of Romans

Overview of Romans CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

As we begin the study of Paul’s epistle to the Romans, we will start with an overview of Romans.  Each chapter is divided into its major components.  Here are the verses and topics:

Rom 1:1-7 – Paul’s apostleship and separation unto the gospel.

Rom 1:8-16 – Paul’s desire to preach the gospel in Rome.

Rom 1:17-21 – The revealed righteousness, wrath and eternal power and Godhead of God.

Rom 1:22-32 – The unrighteousness of man and the judgment of God.

Rom 2:1-16 – God’s righteous, impartial judgment of Jews and Gentiles.

Rom 2:17-24 – Jewish blasphemy of God’s name among the Gentiles.

Rom 2:25-29 – Circumcision of the heart to be a Jew inwardly rather than outwardly.

Rom 3:1-11 – The proof that Jews are not better than Gentiles because all are under sin.

Rom 3:12-20 – The inability of the law to justify any flesh because all are guilty by the law.

Rom 3:21-31 – The righteousness of God by the faith of Jesus Christ without the law.

Rom 4:1-12 – The imputation of Abraham’s righteousness without works before circumcision.

Rom 4:13-25 – Imputed righteousness to the seed of Abraham by faith and not by the law.

Rom 5:1-11 – Peace and justification by faith of ungodly sinners through Jesus Christ.

Rom 5:12-21 – Similarities and disparities between the offence of Adam and the gift of Jesus.

Rom 6:1-11 – Spiritual baptism into the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Rom 6:12-23 – The transition from servants of sin to servants of righteousness.

Rom 7:1-6 – Death to the law by the body of Christ.

Rom 7:7-13 – Sin’s occasion by the commandment to slay us.

Rom 7:14-25 – Sin that dwells in our flesh.

Rom 8:1-13 – The disparity between carnally minded and spiritually minded Christians.

Rom 8:14-25 – Adoption, inheritance and redemption of the sons of God.

Rom 8:26-30 – The Spirit’s intercession and the predestination of saints.

Rom 8:31-39 – Jesus’ intercession and the impossibility of separation from the love of God.

Rom 9:1-31 – The purpose of God according to election.

Rom 10:1-13 – The disparity between the righteousness of the law and the righteousness of faith.

Rom 10:14-21 – The necessity for the preaching of the word of God.

Rom 11:1-23 – The fall of Israel and the opening of the gospel to the Gentiles.

Rom 11:24-36 – The eventual salvation of Israel when Jesus returns.

Rom 12:1-21 – The sacrifice, ministry and practical duties of the members of the body of Christ.

Rom 13:1-7 – The subjection of saints to the powers ordained by God.

Rom 13:8-10 – The fulfillment of the law through love.

Rom 13:11-15 – The exhortation to awake out of sleep and walk honestly as in the day.

Rom 14:1-12 – The prohibition against judging your brother.

Rom 14:13-23 – The exhortation against becoming a stumbling block to your brother.

Rom 15:1-7 – The exhortation to please your neighbor and be likeminded.

Rom 15:8-22 – Old Testament prophecies of Gentile salvation and Paul’s ministry to Gentiles.

Rom 15:23-33 – Paul’s plans to visit Rome on his way to Spain following his visit to Jerusalem.

Rom 16:1-27 – Paul’s greetings, salutations, warning, and closing.

Conclusion:  with this overview of Romans we are able then to begin studying the verses in each chapter with an idea of what Paul was trying to accomplish when he wrote his epistle to the Romans.