A Memorial Ex. 3:15


A memorial is what brings a person, thing or event to remembrance.  In the Bible we find several things that are a memorial.  The memorials in the Bible are:

God’s name “I am” – Ex 3:15 – the memorial that he is the God that got Israel out of Egypt and into the Promised Land – he is not “I was” like Buddha and he is not “I’m not” like Allah – he is “I am” because he is always – Jesus is Jehovah saves – he is God manifest in the flesh – he saves us and gets us out of Egypt [type of the world] and into the Promised Land [type of heaven].

The Passover – Ex 12:14 – the 14th day of the first month – this is the memorial of the Lord passing over each house where there was the shed blood of a lamb on the door posts and on the lintel – Christ is our Passover Lamb – it is through his shed blood that we live forever.

The written record of the victory over Amalek – Ex 17:14 – reminding the Jews that no matter how often they may have to face an attack by Amalek, the Lord will put out the remembrance of Amalek from under heaven.

The onyx stones on the ephod and the stones in the breastplate – Ex 28:12 – the priest bears the names of the tribes on his shoulder and on his heart [the breastplate also had stones of memorial for the tribes] – like a minister of the gospel who bears his congregation on his shoulders and on his heart – the picture is perfected in our high priest Jesus Christ – 2 Tim 2:19 the Lord knoweth them that are his – casting all your care upon him for he careth for you.

The ransom money – Ex 30:16 – the ransom for the atonement is the same for every person regardless whether they are rich or poor – the price for our souls paid by the Lord Jesus Christ is the same regardless of our wealth or the depth of our sin.

A portion of the meat offering – Lev 2:2; 2:9; 2:16; etc. – the meat offering was given to Aaron and to his sons – a portion of this offering is called the memorial and it is “an offering made by fire, of a sweet savour unto the Lord” – effectively the memorial stands for the whole meat offering when it is burned thus allowing Aaron and his sons to keep the remnant for themselves – Jesus Christ is the portion that was burned in the fire as a sweet savor unto the Lord that we might be saved and escape the fire.

The blowing of trumpets – Num 10:9-10 – a memorial before the Lord in assemblies and war – the picture here is that the Lord’s voice is the sound of a trumpet [Ex 19:19; Rev 1:10] – thus we see that the Lord intercedes for us as a memorial before God – there are two trumpets and there are two intercessors [Rom 8:26, 34 the Holy Spirit and Jesus].

The brazen censers of Korah – Num 16:40 – a memorial to Israel that no stranger should offer incense before the Lord – the priesthood belongs to Aaron and his sons – likewise the priesthood belongs only to Jesus Christ and God’s sons [1 Pet 2:5, 9].

The gold offering of the officers – Num 31:54 – a memorial for those whose lives were spared in the war with Midian – of the 12,000 soldiers who fought in that battle there was not one fatality – this is the only war memorial where there are no names of the deceased – in our spiritual battles with the devil there are no eternal fatalities – we all live forever.

The feast of Purim – Est 9:28 – the memorial for the Jews who were able to take up arms against their enemies who intended to annihilate them as a people – the Jews destroyed their enemies instead – this is a reminder that even though the whole world may turn against Israel, God’s covenant with them causes them to survive forever [Mal 3:6].

Offering of spikenard – Matt 26:13 – the memorial of the offering of spikenard to anoint the body of Jesus before his burial – this is a testimony to us that what is done for the Lord Jesus Christ out of our love for him is remembered by the Lord forever.

Cornelius’ alms and prayers – Acts 10:4 – the memorial before the Lord of his desire for eternal life [Rom 2:6-7] – people whose prayers and alms are given to the Lord out of a sincere desire to have life are remembered before the Lord and he makes sure to get them a witness of Jesus Christ – how great to be used by the Lord like Peter was to be his emissary with the gospel to a soul who wants to be saved but who doesn’t yet know the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.