Lord Jesus Christ Exalted Rev. 19:1-10

 Rev 19 1-10 Exalted Jesus CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

When Jesus returns he will be the:

Exalted Judge

19:1 There are “much people in heaven” – therefore the tribulation rapture is over [19:5 we see “servants and ye that fear him” – these are a reference to the saints in the tribulation]

They say:

19:1 Alleluia – “Praise Jah” or “Praise Jehovah” – we say “Praise the Lord” – they are praising him because:

  • Babylon is destroyed 2
  • Their Blood has been avenged 2
  • The Lord reigneth 6
  • His Marriage is come 7
  • And Jesus is getting ready to return 10

19:1 Salvation – because he saved them from Babylon and the antichrist

19:1 Glory – Phil 2:9-11

19:1 Honour – Because 1 Pet 2:17 says, “Honor the king” and now he’s the king

19:1 Power – Matt 28:18 [his power is even greater than devil] he has all the power – and he is the only one who saves and the only one who could defeat the whore and the devil and he did it

Unto the Lord our God – not to a church or a man – there will be no competitors in the millennium and when the devil is loosed he is destroyed with his followers instantly [Rev 20:9] – there will be no more tribulation and affliction

19:2 True judgment – his judgment will be constant and it will be applied the same way God always judges – according to truth

19:2 Righteous judgment – the Lord judged rightly – he made the right decision against the devil, the false prophet, the antichrist, and the whore and all of their followers

He judges her – she was:

A Great whore – because that’s what she is – but, contrary to God, the men of the earth judged her as the greatest commercial enterprise

  • Corrupt
  • A Fornicator
  • A murderess – but the Lord avenged the blood of her martyrs – Rev 6:9-10

19:3 Her smoke rose forever – that’s hell Rev 14:9-11

19:4 Elders and beasts worshipped him – like Rev 4, 5

Exalted God

19:5-6 Praise our God – In the latter chapters of Psalms beginning around Ps 134 you see a lot of praise to the Lord – the voice that says, “Praise our God” comes out of the throne and is the voice of the Almighty [Eze 1:24, Ps 29:3-4] – He is telling everyone to worship his Son who is God [see Heb 1:8]

19:6 The Lord God omnipotent reigneth – then Jesus is taking over – indicating that he isn’t reigning right now [Jn 18:36]

19:6 He is called “Omnipotent” because he is all powerful – Matt 28:18

Exalted Groom

19:7 He is announcing the wedding “Let us be glad and rejoice” – the earth is mourning – but up in heaven we are rejoicing – our day is come

19:7 Marriage of the Lamb – so the proper order of the coming events in the near future is: 1. rapture of the church age saints, 2. beginning of the tribulation, 3. while the tribulation is happening on earth, the church age saints go through the Judgment Seat of Christ in heaven, 4. following the judgment seat of Christ, we have the marriage of the Lamb, 5. following the marriage of the Lamb, we return with the Lord at his 2nd Advent 19:7 Wife ready – this is the subject of today’s preaching service at 11am

19:8 Arrayed in fine linen – it is spotlessly clean Eph 5:26-27 – white is the righteousness of saints [spotless] – this righteousness is a gift from her husband [his righteousness 2 Cor 5:21] – unfortunately with the party atmosphere in so many churches today and the gaudy display of wealth in the denominational churches, the church looks more like a harlot than like a spotless bride bringing honor and glory to her groom – all the attention today is on the bride and it should be and will be on the groom

19:9 Blessed are they which are called to the supper – this supper will be on earth [Lk 12:35-38] – in Matt 22:11-14 the devil shows up not wearing white linen is easily recognized and removed, having been bound [Rev 20]

Exalted Prophet

19:10 Fell to worship – because he looks like Jesus [1 Jn 3:1-3] and Jesus has just been getting all of this honor – this verse shows clearly the idolatry of worshipping Mary and saints or anyone other than God

19:10 Fellow servant – so he looked like Jesus but no man or angel is above another and thus we are not to worship a Pope, or Mohammed, or Joe Smith, or the Watchtower Society or any other self-proclaimed prophet [at the most, if any of these were right (and they weren’t), they would be fellow servants, not lords over God’s heritage]

19:10 I have the testimony of Jesus – so do you now [KJV Bible]

19:10 Worship God – he is the only one

19:10 the Testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy – in other words, the “spirit” of prophecy is the testimony of Jesus, that is that prophecy testifies of Jesus – so if you have prophecy but it leaves out the eternal purposes of Jesus or Jesus himself, then you are not dealing with true prophecy, you are dealing with a man made deal – notice prophecy concerns his coming, his 2nd coming, his judgment of nations, his reign, his peace, his people, etc – it’s all about Jesus!!!  The true spirit of prophecy will never, therefore, be used to promote a man or a church, only Jesus!!!!