A Lesson From the Tabernacle

A Lesson from the Tabernacle CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

In Exodus chapter 37 we can learn a lesson from the Tabernacle.  Bezaleel makes the articles for the inside of the tabernacle.  In Ex 37:1 he makes the ark, in Ex 37:6 he covers it with the mercy seat, in Ex 37:10 he makes the table of shewbread, in Ex 37:17 he makes the golden candlestick and in Ex 37:25 he makes the incense altar.

The ark, the table of shewbread and the incense altar are made of wood and covered with gold – the mercy seat and the candlestick are made of solid gold.

The ark contains the 10 commandments, the table holds the shewbread, the candlestick burns olive oil and gives light, and the incense altar is for the special incense made by the apothecary.

What you are seeing is a picture of the Trinity.  The ark represents God the Father and is separated from the other articles by the vail – no man hath seen God at any time.  The table represents Jesus Christ, the bread of life, and the Word of God [Matt 4:4].  The candlestick represents the Holy Spirit – the oil is associated with his anointing.

So what does the altar of incense represent?  In Ps 141:2 and Rev 8:4, we see that incense represents the prayers of the saints.  And so this altar represents us in prayer right in the middle of the Trinity.  So often when we cry out to God, we imagine ourselves overwhelmed in the midst of our problems and anxieties rather than surrounded by our Lord in the midst of his glory.  This picture really changes our perspective.

Praying without ceasing [1 Thes 5:17] will keep you right in the middle of the Trinity – you cannot possibly be in any better place in this earth!