Telling Others about the Gift of God Rom. 6:23

Telling Others About the Gift of God Rom. 6:23 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Have you ever thought about the gift God has given us?  Rom 6:23 says, The gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.  You need to consider how great this gift really is.

Not only do we get the Lord’s everlasting life [Jn 3:18; 36] but we also get his divine nature [2 Pet 1:4], assurance of salvation [1 Jn 5:13], a peace that passeth all understanding [Phil 4:6-7], comfort of the Holy Ghost [Jn 14:16-18], the fruit of the Spirit [Gal 5:22-23], fellowship with the Father [1 Jn 1:3], answered prayer [Jn 14:13-14], forgiveness of sins [Col 1:14], the promise of a glorified body [Phil 3:21], a heavenly home [Jn 14:1-3], the indwelling of Jesus Christ and his righteousness [Col 1:27; Phil 3:9], the inspiration of God [2 Tim 3:16], a place in the body of Christ [1 Cor 12:18; Eph 5:30-32; Eph 2:6]], the grace of God [2 Cor 12:9-10; Heb 4:16], and on and on this list goes.

As we grow in the grace and the knowledge of Jesus Christ, these wonderful gifts from God that come to us in salvation manifest themselves abundantly causing us to desire them more than any lust of the flesh, pleasure of sin or friendship with the world.  Never has anyone been so content in this earth as a Christian who knows all these blessings of God and the God of all these blessings.

When I understand all that comes with the gift of God do I really need to be intimidated, compelled or manipulated into telling others about the gift of God?  You wouldn’t think so.  And yet, most Christians who possess these wonderful gifts from God are silent and won’t even go next door much less across the ocean to tell others about the gift of God and they don’t give a nickel to help those who are telling others about the gift of God.  Why is that?  The reason most Christians don’t tell others about the gift of God is that:

You are too afraid to tell them – the fear of man is a big problem when it comes to the Lord’s work – the Lord told Jeremiah, “Be not afraid of their faces: for I am with thee to deliver thee,” [Jer 1:8] because he knows that the natural tendency of men is to shirk the work of the Lord out of fear – the solution is to learn to fear the Lord – then go with someone else who knows this work and learn from them “on the job” – pray for God to give you courage – admit that you are afraid and do it anyway until you get over your fears.

You are too preoccupied to tell them – you’ve got too many other things going on to have the time to tell others about the Lord – you are entangled [2 Tim 2:4] – the solution is to pare down – declutter your life – you don’t need all that stuff and you won’t miss all those activities – make some time in your schedule to visit folks – what we have with the gift of God is too good to keep to ourselves.

You are too selfish to tell them – you’re glad to be saved but aren’t about to spend your time and money telling others about the gift of God – it’s your money and it’s your time and nobody is going to talk you into using either to help the lost come to Christ – that’s between them and God – you’re in and they can get in, too, if they want to be saved bad enough – they can come to church if they want to be saved – the solution is for you to go on a missions trip and see how the rest of the world lives – and then test the Lord – get rid of some of your money [enough to make it count] and see how that feels – if the Bible is true you are going to find that there is more joy in scattering your money to help others hear about the gift of God and there is more joy in telling others about the gift of God than there is spending all of your time and money on yourself.

You don’t know enough to tell them – you know about these things we get with the gift of God – you’ve heard them preached and you’ve studied about them in Sunday school – but these wonderful benefits of salvation aren’t real to you – you don’t have any personal experience with these things – to you they are Bible doctrines but not practical realities – the solution is to immerse yourself in all that the Lord has given you – and get away from sin in your life – your sin is stealing your contentment in eternal life – you need to find contentment in Jesus Christ – learn to live by these blessings that come with eternal life – you don’t have to wait till you die to begin to enjoy all these blessings – they are available to you right now – and as these wonderful blessings of salvation begin to become more and more a part of your daily life, you are not going to be able to constrain yourself – you’re going to want to tell somebody else about how good this eternal life really is.

You don’t care enough to tell them – you know you should be telling others about the gift of God but the truth of the matter is you really don’t care about them – the solution is to ask God to give you a burden for the lost – to give you a heavy burden for your family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and associates – you don’t have to pretend to be burdened for them if you aren’t – God knows your heart – so ask him to change your heart – pray for the lost people you now by name – if God gives you the same compassion that he gave his Son [who happens to now be living inside of you], you’ll start caring for the lost and you’ll start telling others about the gift of God.

Conclusion: we have been given such a great gift from God that Paul call it “his unspeakable gift,” [2 Cor 9:15] – in other words, there are not even sufficient words to describe how truly great the gift of God is – once you understand the greatness of the gift of God and the hopelessness of people who don’t have it, you are no longer going to want to be quiet about it – so follow these simple instructions – find where you are on this list – follow the solution and start telling others about the gift of God.