Results of a Midnight Prayer Meeting Acts 16:25-40

Results of a Midnight Prayer Meeting Acts 16:25-40 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Paul and Silas had a midnight prayer meeting when they were imprisoned in Philippi.  The results of their prayer meeting are astounding.  Their prayer [Jas 5:16] affected their:

Temperament – Acts 16:25 – after prayer they sang praises – they were able to “rejoice evermore” – they weren’t worried and they weren’t complaining and murmuring that the Lord led them into such a trial.

Testimony – Acts 16:25 – the rest of the prisoners heard Paul and Silas – Paul and Silas didn’t sing and praise the Lord to be heard by the others [like the modern churches] – yet the others heard them – a good prayer meeting with the Lord will affect your testimony with others.

Circumstances – Acts 16:26 – after they prayed, the earth quaked – you don’t need to be looking for these kinds of visible results after prayer, but you also need to remember that you are speaking to the Lord of the universe and if he needs to bring an earthquake to answer your prayer, he can do it – spiritually speaking, the Lord opens doors and loosens the bonds of sin when you and I pray.

Influence – Acts 16:27-28 – all the prisoners stayed in the prison after the earthquake – some should have fled – like Paul persuaded the owner of the ship and the magistrate to keep all men on board before the shipwreck in Acts 27, perhaps Paul persuaded the prisoners to stay – some of these prisoners no doubt learned that it’s much better to be saved and in prison than it is to be lost and “free.”

Preaching – Acts 16:29-31 – instead of Paul having to use some “technique” to persuade the jailer to “respond” – the jailer came to him and “fell down” – he asked Paul what he needed to do to be saved – there was no need for a pressing invitation – prayer is better than intimidation or some gimmick.

Results – Acts 16:32-34 – not only did the Philippian jailer get saved but so did all who were in his house.

Adversaries – Acts 16:35-40 – Paul and Silas were called troublemakers in Acts 16:20 – yet the Lord turned the tables and humbled their adversaries – they didn’t leave town when they were released; they went to Lydia’s house to encourage and comfort the brethren – because they bravely faced their adversaries, the brethren could stand without the same opposition as Paul and Silas faced – and a church was established.

Conclusion: Folks we need to pray and be encouraged that when we do effectual prayer affects some things – we serve a mighty God who can do mighty things in response to our prayers!!