Isaiah 62:1-12 Behold, Thy Salvation Cometh

Behold, Thy Salvation Cometh Is. 62:1-12 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Isaiah 62:11 says, Behold, thy salvation cometh.  When Jesus, the salvation of Israel, comes:

Jerusalem will be saved and righteous – Is 62:1 – Jesus came to save Israel at his first coming [Matt 15:24, 18:11] and to make them righteous [Rom 10:3-4].  Since they refused, he will save them and make them righteous when he returns [Is 46:12-13].

Jerusalem’s salvation and righteousness will shine as a bright lamp – Is 62:1 – see Matt 5:13-16 – Israel was “cast out” and “trodden under foot of men” after rejecting Jesus but Jerusalem will be the city that shines brightly after Jesus returns.

Gentiles and kings will see her righteousness and glory – Is 62:2 – see Is 60:3 – note: when we are saved, our righteousness and salvation, given to us by Jesus, should shine brightly and cause others to see what he has done in our lives as a testimony to them.

Israel will be called by a new name – Is 62:2 – see Jer 23:6 “the Lord our righteousness”

Jerusalem shall be a crown of glory and a royal diadem to God – Is 62:3 – that’s because Jesus is there [Is 28:5] – likewise, when we received Jesus the Holy Spirit began the work of conforming us to the image of Jesus – see also Zech 9:16.

Jerusalem shall be called Hephzibah and her land Beulah – Is 62:4 – Hephzibah means “my delight is in her” and Beulah means “married” as you can tell from the latter half of the verse.

Israel will be married – Is 62:4b, 5 – see Is 54:5, Jer 3:14 and Hos 2:19-20 – God had betrothed Israel to him in Ezek 16 but she committed whoredom against him – never again.  Note: as Israel is married to God so the church is married to Jesus.

Jerusalem will be a praise in the earth – Is 62:6-7 – see Zeph 3:19-20 – till then, she will continue to be despised.

Israel shall eat their own corn and drink their own wine – Is 62:8-9 – as part of Israel’s curse for not observing to do the commandments of the Lord, others would eat their harvest and drink their vintage [Deut 28:30, 33; Jer 5:17] – so the Lord will restore his blessing to them [Deut 28:4-5] and they will worship before him [Deut 12:11-12].

Israel will be gathered to the Lord – Is 62:10 – their way will be prepared, their highway will be built and the standard will be lifted up around which they will gather – see Is 11:6, 35:8; Jer 31:21.

The Lord’s reward will be with him and his work before him – Is 62:11 – see Is 40:10 – his reward is Rev 22:12 and his work is the restoration of Israel and the earth and the rule of the world.

Israel will be the holy people, the redeemed of the Lord – Is 62:12 – see Is 63:18, 43:1 – likewise we are to be holy after we are saved by Jesus.