Isaiah 61:1-11 The Ministry of Jesus Christ

The Ministry of Jesus Christ Is. 61:1-11 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Isaiah 61 is all about the ministry of Jesus Christ. The first one and a half verses were fulfilled during the earthly ministry of Jesus Christ and the remainder of the chapter will be fulfilled when he returns [see Lk 4:16-21]. Notice that he was anointed by the Spirit of the Lord to do this work. The Lord was sent to:

Preach good tidings to the meek – Is 61:1 – Matt 4:23; Matt 5:5, he preached the gospel of the kingdoms of heaven and God.

Bind up the brokenhearted – Is 61:1 – Lk 7:11-16; Jn 11:40-45, he bound up the broken hearts of those whose family members he raised from the dead.

Proclaim liberty to the captives – Is 61:1 – Mk 5:1-15; Lk 13:11-17, he certainly liberated the man in the country of the Gadarenes who had been filled with devils and the woman bound by Satan for eighteen years.

Open the prison of them that are bound – Is 61:1 – Eph 4:8-10; Lk 16:22-23, 26, he opened Abraham’s bosom upon his resurrection and led its captives with him to heaven.

Proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord – Is 61:2 – 2 Cor 6:2, the acceptable year of the Lord began while he was on earth and continues to this day in the preaching of the gospel – this is the time to get saved.

When Jesus returns he will:

Avenge his people – Is 61:2 – Mal 4:1-3; 2 Thes 1:7-8, in one verse you see events from the first and the second advent of Jesus – when he returns, he’s going to take vengeance on his enemies.

Comfort all that mourn – Is 61:2 – Ps 30:5; 126:5, coming out of the Tribulation and going into the reign of Christ, the Jews that remain will go from mourning to rejoicing.

Restore beauty, joy and praise in Zion – Is 61:3 – the transition from Tribulation to millennial reign of Jesus.

Glorify himself in Israel’s righteousness – Is 61:3 – Is 43:16; Jer 23:6, Jesus reigns in righteousness and extends righteousness to Israel for his glory [cf. men as trees, see Mk 8:24].

Cause the waste places to be repaired – Is 61:4 – Ezek 33:10, 33-36, Israel is restored at the Second Coming.

Cause Gentiles to serve the Jews – Is 61:5 – they’ll be husbandmen, farmers and vinedressers.

Exalt Israel as Priests of the Lord – Is 61:6 – Ex 19:6, this is what the Lord intended for them all along.

Double Israel’s possessions – Is 61:7 – Job 42:12, just like he did for Job, who is the picture of a Tribulation saint.

Make an everlasting covenant with Israel – Is 61:8 – Ps 105:6-11, they know what the covenant is; in the millennium it will come to fruition. When the Lord says, “robbery for burnt offering” consider that he called the temple a “den of thieves” when the Pharisees were selling and exchanging in it.

Bless the seed of Israel – Is 61:9 – Gen 12:3-4, the whole world will know that the Lord has blessed them.

Clothe them with the garments of salvation – Is 61:10 – Ps 132:9, 16, and with a robe of righteousness – only the Lord can clothe men with these – men who attempt to clothe themselves in righteousness end up in filthy rags [Is 64:6].

Cause righteousness and praise to spring forth – Is 61:11 – Is 32:17-18; Ps 7:17, we won’t have peace on earth until we have righteousness – and once we have righteousness we will have world-wide praise [Ps 96:9-13].

Conclusion: The greatest days for Israel, thus far, were during the earthly ministry of Jesus Christ and soon they will have even greater days when he returns.