Names of Jesus “T” Part I

Names of Jesus “T” Part I CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

When you consider the names and titles of the Lord Jesus Christ, there are so many that we must deal with them alphabetically just to do them justice. There are many wonderful things that you will learn about Jesus when you study the names of Jesus.  Today, we’ll study some of the names of Jesus and his titles that start with the letter “T.”

Temple – Jn 2:19 – He was talking about his body.

Thing – Lk 1:35 – Isn’t it odd that God would call his Son a “thing.”

Tempted – Matt 4:1 – He was tempted by the devil.

Thirsty – Jn 4:6-7 – while Jesus was all God he was also all man.

Teacher – Jn 3:2 – he is the greatest teacher in the world and the one who must teach us.

Truth – Jn 14:6 – anything that contradicts Jesus Christ is not the truth – he is exclusive.

Testator – Heb 9:16-17 – Jesus Christ had to die in order for the scriptures to be fulfilled.