The Supernatural John 4:31-34

Supernatural John 4:31-34 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

All around us we are surrounded by the natural, the visible – and so our minds and our days become filled with the things we see around us – we schedule and plan our days around the things that we see and do – but we must be aware that we are surrounded by the supernatural, as well – we are to be filled with the Spirit and we are to be occupied with God’s will and we are to be in fellowship with Jesus.

In Jn 4:31-34 we find Jesus in a very ordinary situation having dealt with the woman at the well and in this episode in his life we become acutely aware of the supernatural – notice God’s:

Supernatural purpose – Jn 4:34 – “his work” – Jesus was here to do God’s work – Jesus was weary with his journey and sat on the well [Jn 4:6] – however, his purpose in being there was not to rest but to witness to the woman – Jesus did that because he was aware that his life was filled with supernatural purpose – we need to be aware of the supernatural purpose of our lives.

Supernatural plan – Jn 4:31 – “Master, eat” – Jesus was on God’s schedule – the plan was for Jesus to be doing something other than eating at that time – in Lk 17:7-8 the servant doesn’t sit down to eat until he has accomplished the work of his master – in Ecc 10:16-17 the land is blessed when men eat in due season for strength.

Supernatural provision – Jn 4:32 – “meat to eat that ye know not of” – Jesus was supplied with God’s power – from God’s provision you gain supernatural power and supernatural rest to do all those things the Lord desires – he gives grace for your weakness.

Supernatural program – Jn 4:33 – “hath any man brought him ought to eat” – Jesus received what he needed from God; not man – God’s work is not done by man’s programs – God uses men but he doesn’t need men – he doesn’t need soul winning programs, giving programs, etc. – he needs men who are plugged in to his program.

Supernatural path – Jn 4:34 – “to do the will of him that sent me” – Jesus knew that he had been sent by God – so the path he was on was supernaturally directed by God – in Prov 20:24 we see that man’s goings are of the Lord – the steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord.

Supernatural predetermination – Jn 4:34 – “to finish his work” – Jesus knew the job God had for him to finish – the cross was the end for Jesus yet it was just the beginning for us – God predetermined just how far he wanted Jesus to go – and he predetermined Paul’s finish [2 Tim 4:7] – likewise he has a predetermined finish for us – how are you coming on your course?

Conclusion: We need to become more aware of all of these supernatural elements in our lives – when we are aware, the Lord will be able to accomplish just what he wants through us – he will be pleased and we will be able to finish the work he has given us to do.