They Could Not Ex. 8:16

They Could Not Ex. 8:16 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

There are numerous things that men cannot do when they are opposed to God in doing them.  Here are a few examples of things they could not do.  They cannot:

Create the organic out of the inorganic – Ex 8:18 – the magicians had an imitation for every miracle plague God did in Egypt up until God, with the finger of God, created life from dust – the magicians were incapable of that – the evolutionists have all kinds of explanations for our existence that exclude God – but the truth of the matter is that they are no more powerful than the magicians, though they are just as arrogant – they could not create the organic from the inorganic!!

Control the environment – Ex 7:24 – when Moses and Aaron changed the water to blood, God affected the environment in such a way that there was not a thing in the world anyone could do to stop him – when God raises global temperatures to unbearable in the tribulation there will not be one thing the Untied Nations can do to stop him – when he stops the rain, there will be nothing they can do – they cannot control the environment, though in their pride they would like you to think that they can.

Win an argument against the Lord – Lk 14:6 – Acts 6:10 – Jesus Christ stopped the mouths of the Pharisees time and time again – they kept trying to catch something out of his mouth that they could use against him and he beat them hands down every time – they finally ran out of questions… and answers, for that matter [Matt 22:46] – be encouraged, for like Steven, when you are filled with the Spirit of God, they cannot resist the power of God – yes, they killed Steven, but ended up with Paul – don’t be afraid to speak for God.

Stand against God’s men when God is for them – Ezra 5:5 – God had a job for Ezra to do and his enemies did every thing they could to stop him – they could not stop him because God was determined that the temple was to be rebuilt – and when you take a stand where God wants you to stand, they cannot stop you – you might get scared and stop yourself but they won’t be able to stop you if its something God wants you to do.

Get to heaven without believing in Jesus – Heb 3:19 – the Jews that missed Canaan died in the wilderness because of unbelief – if you are here without Christ, you will not go to heaven unless you trust Jesus Christ – and if you have friends and family without Christ, they won’t be able to go to heaven without him, either – so rather than back down, why don’t you courageously stand and speak up for the Lord – they need Jesus.

Conclusion: Don’t back down from intimidation and fear when God fills you to boldly proclaim the gospel to the lost – they cannot get to heaven without Jesus and you and I must tell them – too often, we talk ourselves out of telling them because we are afraid – listen, they cannot stand against God’s men when God is for us!!