Don’t Neglect Your Spiritual Gift (Part Two)

Don’t Neglect Your Spiritual Gift   (Part two)

A Word of Knowledge and A word of Wisdom

1 Cor. 12:8

                In this lesson we are going to look at “the word of wisdom” and “the word of knowledge”. The first two gifts mentioned in 1 Cor.12. From our first lesson we must remember that these are gifts of the Spirit of God. They are in you according to the Spirit of God, as he wills, 1 Cor.12:11. As we will see your gift is different than other people, given for a different purpose, and to accomplish different things.

[1 Cor.12:4] Diversities of Gifts – Different Kinds

[1Cor.12:5] Differences of Administrations – Different Purposes

[1Cor.12:6] Diversities of Operations – To Accomplish Different Things

You may have the same gift as another person in your church and they may be so much better at it in your eyes. But the Lord has given you this gift to serve a different purpose and accomplish a different thing than the other person.

Since these are not signs to Israel [1 Cor.1:22], they are still in the church today.

[1Cor.12:7] Remember they are not given for your profit, but to profit all (the church)

[1Cor.12:8] “…the word of wisdom”     “…the word of knowledge”

First, let’s be sure of what these are NOT: This is not what a TV evangelist uses when he professes to know that there is someone in the listening audience with an incurable disease, and that God is healing them at that very moment.

Let’s define these terms:

“Knowledge” – knowing the facts concerning a certain situation [Prov.1:7] the fear of the Lord…..

“Wisdom” – knowing how to apply the facts to a certain situation [Prov.29:15] the rod and reproof….

Just because you have a list of the contents of a cake mix (knowledge) doesn’t mean you can bake a cake (wisdom).

In your Bible there is another term that applies to Knowledge and Wisdom, the term, “Understanding”. Knowing the relationship between wisdom and God – “Understanding” [Job 28:28] [1Chron.1:10-12] Solomon asked for knowledge and wisdom to be used for God’s people (understanding)

[1Cor.6:15-20] fornication is sin – knowledge, flee fornication – wisdom, understanding comes with knowing the relationship your body has with God in being the temple of the Holy Ghost.

So what is the gift of “the word of knowledge”?  -Knowing what to say.

So what is the gift of “the word of wisdom”? – Knowing how and when to say it.

Remember they are not given for your profit, but to profit all (the church).Example: Many times when witnessing to a person, God will give you what to say and how and when to say it. It may be a scripture; it may be an illustration, it may be a question that the Lord wants you to ask them, but it is sometimes beyond your personal knowledge and wisdom.

Your pastor uses knowledge and wisdom to know what to preach and how to say or put the sermon together. This through prayer is a word of knowledge and a word of wisdom.

Do you want either of these gifts? Get busy talking to others about the Lord and you may be surprised how often the Lord steps in to offer a word of knowledge and or wisdom.