The Strange Woman

The Strange Woman

Prov. 5:20

(Special Class for men only)

                The strange woman is something to beware of. Married or not she is real and she is out there. In this lesson we will not deal with the penalties or cost involved. We just want to see what the Bible says about her tactics. You need to beware. You may think that you would never fall for her, many have.

[Prov.6:26] “will hunt for the precious life”

[Prov.7:21-27] Many wounded

[Prov.23:27-28] “Lieth in wait”, “increaseth the trangressors among men”


[Prov.6:25] “Lust not after her beauty in thine heart” Have you ever heard this saying, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”?  You and your wicked heart [Jer.17:9] decide what is beautiful to you. The Strange Woman will do everything in her power to draw your attention to her.

Her Lips [Prov.5:3] Why do you think they paint them up!

Her Mouth [Prov.5:3] Sweet talk, [Prov.2:16] Flattery, [Prov.7:21] Fair speeches, [Prov.13-18] No one will ever know, she says. [Prov.7:15-20] Never get caught.

Her Attire [Prov.7:10] She dresses to draw your attention to her. There was a time when “the attire of a harlot” was something very different, in today’s world it is basically all the stores sell. Men, it is your responsibility to control your wife and daughters attire.

Her Touch [Prov.7:13] It doesn’t start with a kiss, it starts with a touch. [2 Cor.6:17] “touch not the unclean thing…” Be careful with an “innocent hug”.



[Prov.7:10] “subtil of heart” What is the condition of her heart?

[Prov.2:16-17] “forsaketh the guide of her youth” She disregards her parents teachings, if there were any. “forgetteth the covenant of her God” She forgets what God expects, virginity.

[Prov.7:14] She goes to church, she is familiar, maybe your wife’s best friend, or your best friend’s wife. Access is the biggest factor, so pay attention to who you have access to.