Isaiah 56:1-12 My Salvation is Near

My Salvation is Near Is. 56:1-2 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

As the salvation of the Lord nears during the Tribulation, before the Second Coming of Jesus, several things are evident from this chapter. “My salvation” is the salvation of Israel prophesied in Is 46:13, 62:11; Rom 11:25-27.  When, as the Lord says, my salvation is near, you will notice:

The Lord’s righteousness will be revealed – Is 56:1 – “my righteousness to be revealed” – Jesus is the Lord’s righteousness [Rom 10:3-4, 1 Cor 1:30] and so while he is not here visibly, his righteousness can’t be seen [Jn 16:10] and won’t be seen till he returns.

The Sabbath must be kept – Is 56:2 – “that keepeth the Sabbath” – the Sabbath will be in effect for Jews and Gentiles [Is 56:6] – see Col 2:16-17 where the Sabbath is a thing to come – see Matt 24:20 where it is in effect during the Tribulation – see Ex 20:10 where it pertains to strangers, as well.

The law will be in effect – Is 56:2 – “keepeth his hand from doing any evil” – as in Ps 15:1-5 – notice the law is connected with salvation and justification in the Tribulation [Rev 12:17, 14:12; Jas 2:20-24] – during the Tribulation there is an element of works involved in salvation because the law is in effect, unlike in the church age [Gal 2:16; Col 2:13-14] – salvation is conditional [Matt 24:13] based upon keeping judgment and justice [Is 56:1; Gen 18:19; 2 Sam 8:15; Prov 21:3].

Gentiles will be saved – Is 56:3 – “the son of the stranger, that hath joined himself to the Lord” – see also Is 56:6-7 and Rev 7:9-14 – they are like the Gentiles in Est 8:17 and the strangers and proselytes in Acts 2:10 – they join themselves to the Lord by keeping the Sabbath [v.6] and taking hold of His covenant [Is 56:6, see the new covenant and Abraham’s covenant] – this continues into the millennial reign of Jesus.

Eunuch’s will receive an everlasting name – Is 56:3 – “neither let the eunuch say…” – see also Is 56:4-5 – in 1 Cor 7:25-26 Paul recommended virginity “for the present distress” which was persecution – it is advantageous in the Tribulation not to have a young child or to be pregnant [Matt 24:19] – in Rev 14:4 the 144,000 are all eunuchs – according to Matt 24:12 there are eunuchs for the kingdom of heaven’s sake – these eunuchs keep the Sabbath, please God and hold the covenant – rather than make or carry on a name for themselves through procreation, they are rewarded with an everlasting name “in my house and within my walls.”

The temple will be rebuilt – Is 56:7 – “my house of prayer” – on my holy mountain [Jerusalem, Is 66:20] – in my house of prayer [Lk 19:46] – with sacrifices [Ezek 40-48] – for all people [including Gentiles Zech 8:22].

The outcasts of Israel and others will be gathered – Is 56:8 – see Is 11:9-12 and notice that the context is the millennial reign of Jesus.

The beasts of the field will devour – Is 56:9 – see Rev 6:8; Lev 26:22 – the divine submission of animals will be lifted and they will kill 1000’s of men.

The watchmen will be blind, ignorant, greedy and dumb – Is 56:10-12 – they are supposed to watch for the Lord’s return [Matt 24:42-44] – instead they get drunk [Matt 24:48-49].